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Jan 23

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, January 23, 2021 11:22 AM 

No, the cartoon above is not from your local newspaper, or any online US media site. It is the Chinese Communist Party gloss on the seizure of power in Washington by forces fronted by the China Joe Biden Gang as published in the People's Daily tabloid Global Times.

But it could have been home grown.

The call and echo between Chicom mouthpieces and Deep State mouthpieces have never been louder or more in unison. That goes for more than caricatures, as I learned on looking into the agit-reporter on the hit piece on Jeffrey Clark (discussed below).

Her name is Katie Benner. She has been a Justice Department reporter since 2018, and with the NYT since 2015. According to her LinkedIn resume, before coming to the Times, Benner spent less than one year as a columnist with Bloomberg View (starting 2014), less than one year as a reporter with The Information (starting 2013), and seven years with Fortune (starting 2006). She was a reporter at The Street for 8 months in 2006 and before that she had a hitch at CNN for one year and seven months, starting in 2004.

And before that? Benner's Linkedin doesn't say. The answer, however, appears in a recommendation on her page from Caitlin Thomson (author most recently of a defense, equal parts robust and absurd, of Eric Swalwell & Fang Fang) who writes about going way back with Katie "... First as an editor at a Beijing-based publication, where she wrote and oversaw international coverage, and more recently as a writer at Fortune."

Katie Benner wrote and oversaw international coverage for a "Beijing based publication"? Is that true? Thomson's resume includes 18 months at Beijing Review in Beijing, China, from May 2003 to October 2004; there is no mention of any such stint on Benner's page. Did it happen? A rare feature story on Benner's life in the magazine of her alma mater, Bowdoin College, conveys only that Benner (Class of 1999) taught English in Beijing, until one day, by chance, she sold an article to a Portland, ME newspaper -- "and her writing career was launched." Next stop, CNN. 

Fortunately, an announcement of her arrival at the New York Times confirms Benner's early journalism experience at Beijing Review. 

And what is Beijing Review? Only one of a half dozen Chinese media companies the Trump administration recently ordered to register as a Chinese government agents in the United States. Beiing Review is a weekly organ of the Chinese Communist Party published by the China International Publishing Group, which, as the Free Beacon reports, is "China's largest foreign publishing company [and] controlled by the Chinese Communist Party." 

Put it all together now. The New York Times' correspondent at the US Department of Justice began her journalistic career under Beijing's communist propaganda professionals. Suddenly, Benner's assault on Jeffrey Clark and President Trump makes a new kind of sense. 



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