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Feb 3

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, February 03, 2021 10:27 AM 

From The National File:

Capitol Riot Investigators Struggling to Find Homicide Evidence in Death of Officer Brian Sicknick 

The circumstances of Brian Sicknick’s death are unclear.

The Capitol Police officer who died following the raucous protest on January 6th may ultimately have died as the result of a preexisting medical condition, as opposed to a homicide.

CNN reported that federal investigators probing for evidence of a homicide in the death of Officer Brian Sicknick have “struggled” to find camera or photography evidence suggesting that Sicknick died as a result of his interactions with raucous protestors at the Capitol that day. Sicknick is reported to have collapsed at a Capitol Police facility following the repulsion of riotous protestors from the scene.

Read the rest here. More on Officer Sicknick, who was a thoughtful critic of globalism and Trump supporter, here.

The answer to my question in the title is simple. Even if Officer Sicknick did not die as a result of injuries sustained at the Capitol on January 6, that Narrative has already been injected into the Collective nervous system, and, as with an mRNA biologic, the Collective will always respond as if he did.  



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