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Aug 19

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 19, 2008 6:34 AM 

The eagle eyes at The Brussels Journal picked up on a fascinating report from the press agency AKI:

The Islamic Community in Serbia said on Monday it was not satisfied with the withdrawal of Sherry Jones’ novel, The Jewel of Medina, from the country’s bookshops. Referring to the book released by Belgrade publisher Beobuk three weeks ago, the organisation’s leader Muamer Zukorlic said it was “offensive to Muslims” and demanded all of the published copies be handed in. He also called for director Aleksandar Jasic to repent for what he had done.

Whoa, there. First of all, who, post-Milosevic, knew there even was an Islamic community in Serbia? And who knew Sherry Jones' execrable Islamic apologetic/romance novel had made it any bookshops, let alone bookshops in Serbia--three weeks ago! And what exactly does a publisher do to "repent," as the Serbian Islamic leader has "called for," especially after having drawn a big fat zero on books printed, shipped and then removed from the marketplace? The story continues:

After an initial complaint from the Islamic community, Jasic apologised saying the company "had no intention of insulting Muslims in Serbia" and announced the book would not be available in any bookstore in the country. But Zukorlic said on Monday that this was not enough. […]

Dance, dhimmi, dance!

The grim absurdity of this moral tragedy of (Islamic) intimidation and (infidel) cowardice is that The Jewel of Medina is an Islamic apologetic that  wreathes child rape and polygamy in slurpy hearts and sweet flowers.




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