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Mar 6

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, March 06, 2021 5:04 AM 

When you were a kid (or a mom) and saw "Lady and the Tramp," did you ever dream you would wake up and read this in the paper?

From the Daily Mail:

The Walt Disney Company holds monthly meetings with advocates from women and minority groups who comb through hundreds of hours of Disney-streamed content looking for potentially offensive material to flag.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the monthly zoom meetings are held between Disney officials and a so-called ‘third-party advisory council.’

The council includes representatives from the African American Film Critics Association; CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment); Define American; the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media; Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD); Hollywood, Health and Society; IllumiNative; National Association of Latino Independent Producers; RespectAbility; The Science & Entertainment Exchange; and Tanenbaum. 

Disney asks representatives of the organizations to watch content that the company has acquired on its streaming service to check for material that may be deemed culturally insensitive, according to THR.  

It's the latest in a move toward sanitizing cultural staples that are now seen by some to be offensive: The company that looks after Dr. Seuss's books said it would stop publishing six of them that they said were racially problematic. And Hasbro said it would stop branding its line of potato toys as 'Mr. Potato Head' to make room for same-sex and single-parent variations. 

This won't end well because what they really want to "sanitize" is us. And by "us" I mean all white people (including the sanitizing censors), but all people who believe Peggy Lee's music, lyrics and vocals on "We Are Siamese," which, by the way, got the axe last fall, is a lot of cleverness and fun.

Next up on the block, DumboThe Aristocats (another Siamese cat in need of "sanitizing"), and The Jungle Book -- Louis Prima and King Louie and Phil Silvers as Balou. With over 57 million views on this clip alone, though, that's an awful lot of people to be sanitized, too.

We must protect and separate ourselves from the rampaging Red Guard.



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