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Mar 6

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, March 06, 2021 5:06 AM 

“Forty-two days into the administration and still no solo press conference from Joe Biden. That is the longest stretch of silence from any new president in at least a century.”

--Tucker Carlson, March 3, 2021

Some called this a "blistering" attack; a "brutal" message. I call it complicity, and I will have no part of it. By comparing Joe Biden to "any new president," Tucker Carlson is normalizing the fraudulent elections across the contested states and elsewhere, and thus perpetuating the Big Lie that Biden is legitimate. 

But it gets worse:

So by refusing to speak directly to the media, Joe Biden is attacking our most cherished democratic norms. Even CNN is complaining about it.

Let me get this straight. Biden's failure to speak to the media that enabled the Biden-Harris gang's usurpation of power is "attacking" "our most cherished democratic norms" -- but the usurpation of power is AOK. In fact, it doesn't exist. Everything is good with our most cherish democratic norms (henceforth O.M.C.D.N.) if Biden would only hold a press conference.

O.M.C.D.N. are gone, and Tucker is too smart not to have noticed. What a sham, what a shame. Tucker is just pecking at old groats in the dust of dictatorship, "free" to do so because it doesn't make a bit of difference.  





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