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Apr 11

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, April 11, 2021 7:02 AM 

President Trump just doesn't stop pushing the injection of experimental gene therapies into Americans (imaginatively known as the "covid vaccine"), not even as the CDC counts 2,342 vaccine deaths between December 14, 2020 and April 1, 2021, along with nearly 8,000 "serious" injuries. In his pre-presidential life, however, Trump was more in line with vaccine skeptics. Shortly before entering the White House in 2017, he even tapped Robert Kennedy Jr., one of the nation's leading and most eloquent vaccine skeptics, to chair a vaccine safety commission.

That was then. Today. the 45th president in Mar-a-Lago exile is crowing about the (gag) "Trumpcine." -- aka the covid vaccine. I don't think this is "fake news." To be sure, Trump has been urging Americans to take "his" vaccine for months.

Several days before word of "the Trumpcine'" (ugh) emerged, Fiona Marie Flanagan, a courageous Irish truth-seeker very leery of Trump, had the following back-and-forth on the Trump question.

Does he know? Is he nuts? Was he really there all along to vaccine the sheep to slaughter? The advent of Trump, from triumph to stolen election, has left us shattered and our political system -- our three branches of government, our parties, our elections, our media --  exposed, flexing, ruling as 100 p/c corrupt. The entire world has simultaneously entered a new kind of totalitarianism, medical tyranny.  

A flashback. On January 10, 2017, media reported (sneeringly) that President-elect Trump had invited Robert Kennedy Jr., one of the nation's most prominent and effective vaccine-skeptics, to lead a vaccine-safety commission, and that Kennedy had accepted the post.

Whatever happened to that Fauci/Big Pharma (potentially even germ theory) busting appointment?  

In March 2019, Kennedy told The Daily Beast that after Trump told him to announce the commission in a press conference at Trump Tower “almost immediately I started feeling a lot of blowback within the administration.”

Besids Trump, whom did Kennedy meet with? The Swamp at Trump's side: Reince, Bannon, Kellyanne and Jared. 

“I was very optimistic about it,” [Kennedy] said, adding that he initially was given “high level meetings” with “agencies” and presented a powerpoint detailing his group’s belief that vaccines were harmful to children.

“We left convinced the White House was going to follow up and then the White House went dark,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy put blame for his ostracism on the administration’s hiring of “pharmaceutical lobbyists who are very pro-vaccines” to run the Centers for Disease Control and other healthcare-related agencies. “Policy, the president likes to say, policy is personnel, well, he put in those positions, personnel that represent the policies that he wants which is very, very pro-pharma agenda,” he said. “I’m sorry to report.”

What happened to derail RFK Jr's appointment? What made Trump stop leaning vaccine-skeptic -- proven by his concept of a vaccine safety commission to be chaired by Kennedy -- and start working as a Big Pharma/Gatesworld shill?

It could be that the world we thought we could depend on ended in the answer.

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