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Apr 17

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, April 17, 2021 6:44 AM 


This shining face is John Francis Foley, 21, who died in his sleep within 24 hours of being injected with the Johnson & Johnson brand of the experimental drug known as the "covid" "vaccine."

Update, April 18, 2021. The coronor, Laskshmi Sammarco, has spoken, her cock and bull story -- "the preliminary findings do not indicate any direct connection between his receiving a covid vaccine on Saturday and his death on Sunday" -- wreathed in concern about the drive to vaccinate "as a community, as a nation, as a world" which translates to "other things we are looking at for a primary cause of death." 

Read the tragic details here at the CovidBlog.

One hardly knows where to begin to come to terms with this tragic loss, but I find myself thinking of culpability. Who is to blame for this crime? Because it is a crime. If we play along with the cult of covid and use its own figures, a 21-year-old has basically zero chance of dying of "covid." There is no reason to introduce a risky, experimental and sometimes deadly gene therapy to "protect" a 21 year old from an illness he has so little chance of suffering from. 

Take a look at the vaccine's short track record, as reported at The Defender:

For all three COVID vaccines, the CDC acknowledges 3,005 deaths (Dec. 14 – April 12); previously, it took 13 years (Aug. 1, 2007 – Nov. 30, 2020) for an equivalent number of deaths to be reported to VAERS.

Let that sink in. In four months, covid vaccines have killed 3,005 people -- the sum total of all vaccine deaths reported to the CDC over the previous 13 years.

With this costly evidence of the vaccine's potential lethality, now measured in thousands of lives lost and many more thousands destroyed, how can any medical professional continue to shoot up Americans with this sometimes-lethal injection and not be regarded as committing a kind of murder?

Even accepting the government's consistently inflated (read: fake) "covid" death counts, the covid vaccine, which doesn't even promise to prevent "covid," is an unnecessary and foolhardy risk for anyone but the aged, who are more likely to die of "covid" (whatever that is) than anyone else. But fill in the context: The average age of covid death is 82; the average age of death for men is 77 and for women is 81.  I don't see how submitting to the vaccine is anything but an exercise in grossly risky behavior. 

But when a 21-year-old, who is at basically no risk at all from "covid,"  is injected with this stuff, how different is the act of his fatal injection by a medic in a college setting than that of a someone who causes a fatal drug overdose in a crack house?

Murder charges are common in the latter instance. A recent story out of Pennsylvania provides a typically sordid example resulting in "felony counts of third-degree murder and drug delivery resulting in death, along with aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter." We can skip the aggravtaed assault charge, but the third-degree murder and drug delivery resulting in death and involuntary manslaughter do not seem at all far-fetched to me, now that we know we can expect deaths and grievous injuries from the vaccine.

The Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin explains how a drug overdose may lead to a murder charge:

Pennsylvania uses a criminal law for drug delivery resulting in death when a person intentionally administers or distributes a controlled substance or counterfeit controlled substance, and another person dies as a result of using the drug. It's punishable by up to 40 years in prison if convicted. 

While the Great Reset's pharmaceutical companies are as safe from legal redress (due to corrupt laws) as any cocaine cartel dug into the jungle, what about the medical professionals who are doing these injections, whose responsibility it is to know the relative risks of both covid and the vaccines? What about the colleges and schools and government officials pushing the experimental vaccine. Will they ever pay a price for the loss and pain the injection is causing? Should they? 

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