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May 14

Written by: Diana West
Friday, May 14, 2021 5:01 AM 


Putting together a couple of graphs I posted recently, I see cause and effect.

Graph A tracks reports to the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of vaccine-linked deaths between 1990 and just the first few months of 2021. Even without being able to see the numbers, the astronomical spike on the right side of the chart (2021), still climbing, makes it clear that Covid "vaccines" -- which are not "vaccines" at all but rather new, untested, experimental injections of gene therapy -- present an unsustainable public health risk and should be halted ASAP. 

That wouldn't save my neighbor at the end of the road who dropped dead in his driveway on returning home from the VA where he'd received the second injection, but they should be halted nonetheless. 

Since the dictatorship which seized power from the American people between November 3  and January 6  is doing nothing to protect the People who did not elect it, Graph B shows that the People are starting to protect themselves. A sharp drop-off in first "vaccines" tells us many of Us are refusing to become the regime's GMOs (genetically modifed organism). 

Our national sovereignty lost, we defend our most personal sovereignty.

The criminals in charge, in a panic, gassing about the looming "crisis in vaccine hesitancy," now present Exhibit C:


The rule is not simple; there is no rule. This statement via Twitter under the Puppet's name is an act of  coercion. It is also an act of desperation against what appears to be growing resistance to this poison-pill dictatorship that pretends it can use the "right" to breathe freely to reward the submissive and punish the recalcitrant among its subjects.

The evil of such a perverted compact is matched only by its mania. In any case, breathing is not a right. It is life itself.

But that is exactly what this dictatorship is wresting control of.

We must reject it with our every breath.



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