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May 28

Written by: Diana West
Friday, May 28, 2021 4:40 AM 

China and Fauci are practically distractions from the architects and architecture of our destruction. 

Focusing on them gives us only tunnel vision. It's rather like indicting Russian intelligence officers (Mueller) and hammering Rosenstein or Comey.

Controlled opposition is once again shrinking the Big Picture.

But what is the Big Picture? Does anyone see it? I don't think so. The most serious impact of communist subversion may well have been to chop our perception and understanding into tiny pieces. Even those who get it, can't get to it.

Please join me at my Patreon channel for a discussion of communist efforts to keep us from knowing that which we need to know to survive. I take in the excellent book by LTC Matthew Lohmeier (who knows quite a lot), military college Marxists, Harry Dexter White, George Kennan and more.


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