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May 29

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, May 29, 2021 6:32 AM 

In these totalitarian times, we must recognize that news is not to be found in "news" media.

That includes news of grievous suffering and death caused by the experimental Covid Injection Program, that massive genetic alteration of our bodies at the cell level currently underway in a monstrous feat of coercion by our government in the guise of safeguarding public health. 

Such vital news does not appear in the "news" media that is overwhelmingly Democrat, or in the news media that "identifies" conservative.

Instead, they deal in propaganda and Kabuki stuff -- oh, and, for example, from internet flagship Breitbart News, the 100 percent obnoxious 24/7 promotion of editor Alexander Marlow's tauntingly titled book, "Breaking the News." (Pro tip: A book blurb is not a news story.) Title aside, Breitbart et al are not breaking news. They are consistently blacking out the most vital stories of all from the Coup and its mopping up operations, and from the battleground of the Medical Tyranny.

As a result, I am posting some of the places I have come to visit online for information, ideas and commentary. None of them are conventional or mainstream sources. These are a disparate bunch of sites and persons, but all of them are trying to watch, assess and report their very different takes on "vaccine"-linked events as well as the dangers of lockdown, surveillance and transhumanism.

The Defender, the news site of Children's Health Defense, Robert Kennedy Jr.'s organization.

The Covid Blog

Health Impact News


Alex Bernson's Twitter

Fiona M Flanagan's Twitter

Rosa Koire's Twitter (I'm very concerned about Rosa's hiatus from Twitter)

Lifesite News

Jon Rappaport's blog

Dr. Mercola's website

The single most moving interview I have come across to date is the heartwrenching conversation between RFK Jr. and Cherie Romney, whose 17-year-old son and husband are both currently suffering devastating injuries from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. If you know anyone on the fence about getting the vaccine, please share this with them: "Vax Injured Teen Athlete with Cherie Romney"

Finally, consider signing and making a comment RFK Jr.'s Citizen Petition calling on the FDA to pull the Covid vaccines from public sale due to the high risk of death and injury. Last I heard, the petition had only 14,000 signatures -- doubtless yet another terrible consequence of the death strangle the news media have around the American People.

There is no informed consent without information.






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