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May 31

Written by: Diana West
Monday, May 31, 2021 7:05 AM 

Memorial Day is such a dark day it is unseemly that it kicks off the summer season. At least, that's how I have felt ever since writing American Betrayal, after which all of the triumphalism of American historical narratives (read: lies) has become unbearable to me so maybe I am not the wrong judge. The gloss is such that, if we even think about such things, we are supposed to be grateful for the sacrifice of America's sons fallen on the field of battle for making it possible for us to be free to barbecue -- after all, they wouid want us to -- so it's all okay.

Still, If more Americans knew how much more there really is to Memorial Day -- the perfidy of our leaders, their betrayal of the men they left behind -- it might well be that informed Americans would choose to wear black and burn the bunting. I refer to the plight of the sons and brothers and fathers and husbands, knowingly left behind by successive US governments in communist prisons and labor camps following every single war with and against international communism beginning in 1919.

An excerpt on this ultimate American betrayal here.

Some thoughts here in a 2019 interview with Stefan Molyneux.

The incomparable Sidney Schanberg's epic piece on John McCain and the POW cover-up here.

Thanks to David Martin, a link to a documentary overview, including harrowing film footage, here.

Meanwhile -- and sorry to be a drag -- but who is free in the USA after The Coup in the Medical Tyranny?



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