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Jun 2

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, June 02, 2021 4:58 AM 


The Sun, The Guardian, The Scotsman, Newsweek -- even the BBC -- all link the blood clots that killed 44-year-old Lisa Shaw of the BBC to the experimental mRNA injection she took a fews days before she died.

That is largely because Shaw's family is speaking out. 

Too often, that is not the case. Indeed, Shaw's family, like Cherie Romney, the grieving mother and wife of a severely vaccine-injured son and husband, is the exception, not the rule. (Please listen to her interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. here.) The treatment of the death of Joel Kallman, a software developer who designed the CDC vaccine tracking system and died two months after receiving his first Covid shot, is more typical. It is also completely transparent.

Silence, which does equal complicity, is not enough to hide the horrors of this cataclysm. 


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