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Jun 3

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, June 03, 2021 5:57 AM 

The Daily Mail is now reporting on death by lethal injection:

Healthy' mother-of-three, 43, dies from blood clots days after having her AstraZeneca Covid jab - after it emerged BBC presenter had 'severe' headaches and died following vaccine

Another human being dead at the hands of the state and media war on the human mind to coerce healthy individuals to submit unnecessarily to a monstrous mass experiment in genetic manipulation: the worldwide Covid "vaccine." Her name was Tanya Smith and she leaves three children behind her.    

Smith died two months ago. Why MSM attention now?

The reason is this: Inspired by the family in the case of the deceased BBC presenter, Smith's family, too, is speaking out.

Ms Smith's partner Kenneth Edwards decided to speak out after hearing about the death of BBC journalist Lisa Shaw who died in Newcastle, having been treated in intensive care for blood clots and bleeding after receiving the vaccine.

Mr Edwards said Tanya had felt 'pretty rough' for a couple of days after the jab and then woke one morning in pain and called 111 for help.

He said her suffering did not ease even after a paramedic attended and gave her painkillers and she was taken to Derriford Hospital where it was later found she had suffered multiple blood clots.

Sadly, Ms Smith soon suffered a heart attack and a cardiac arrest and after a short period of stability, her condition got 'progressively worse' before she tragically died in hospital on April 3.

Mr Edwards believes she would not have passed away if she hadn't had the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine, but this can not be confirmed until a full investigation and inquest into her death has taken place. 

He spoke out after reading about the death of BBC journalist Lisa Shaw who died after suffering blood clots following the AZ vaccine. 

The pressure to remain silent is heavy but it can be instantly punctured simply by speaking out. Many lives may be saved as a result -- thanks to the Smith and Shaw families, thanks to Cherie Romney, and others now finding their voices. 

If you have not listened to and shared Cherie Romney's interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. about the grievous injuries her son and husband suffered from the Pfizer and Moderna shots, please do. It is a heartbreaker but also an eye-opener for those who are deprived on vital information.

Also, consider signing and commenting Kennedy's Citizens Petitition to the FDA to pull the Covid shots from public sale due to mounting evidence of their grievous harm.



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