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Jun 15

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, June 15, 2021 12:07 PM 

Continuing the theme of "the screamers," discussed  here and here, I will quote Arthur Koestler's description of one: an unnamed publisher of note who lectured audiences across the country during WWII about the atrocities underway inside the Third Reich.

Koestler wrote:

Before each meeting he used to lock himself up in a room, to close his eyes and to imagine, in detail, for twenty minutes, that he was one of the people in Poland who were killed. One day he tried to feel what it was like to be suffocated by chloride gas in a death-train; another day he had to dig his grave with two hundred others and face a machine-gun, which of course is unprecise and rather capricious in its aim. Then he walked out on the platform and talked .... 

I find that I have been doing something very similar. Every morning, and sometimes quite often during the rest of the day, I check the sources and accounts I've found to be aggregating the pain and suffering and death associated with the covid injections. It seems necessary to pay special attention to that which the government lies about and denies, and that which the media deny and lie about. I look into pictures of the faces of the deceased, hear from parents who are starting to speak out,  and study social media posts cataloguing gruesome symptoms that have taken possession of previously healthy and, increasingly, very young bodies. It is just awful stuff -- all the more so because this vital proof of how dangerous the covid vaccine experiment is proving to be is completely censored in the MSM or derided as "misinformation" and "conspiracy theories."

These are not conspiracy theories; they are obituaries. This is not misinformation; it is human tragedy. I see countless stories go by on Telegram's Covid Vaccine Injury channel, or TheCovidBlog.org; even at GoFundMe, where I sometimes search out fundraisers set up to assist with the treatment of "adverse" vaccine reactions. I check ChildrensHealthDefense.org for new articles at "The Defender."

There, this morning, one of the top stories was about 21-year-old Justin Harrington, who, due to pressure from his college, became vaccinated. As a direct result, he developed myocarditis, inflammation of the heart.

Here in the headline over what is becoming an all too familiar story:

Exclusive: Dad Says Life ‘Not the Same’ for 21-Year-Old Student Who Developed Myocarditis After Second Moderna Shot

A New Jersey student whose college, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, requires all students to be fully vaccinated in order to attend classes in the fall became ill within hours of receiving the second dose of Moderna’s COVID vaccine.

"Ill" is not the word. Eight to twelve hours after the second Moderna shot, 21-year-old Justin Harrington "experienced flu-like symptoms followed by heart pain."  HIs father described his son's agony: “Every time his heart beat it hurt and he felt pressure. Then he developed heart pain down both arms.”

After three days in the hospital, Justin is now convalescing at home.

“He has to wear a heart monitor and take four different medications for six months,” [Tim] Harrington said. “He has to sleep propped up, can’t exert himself ... He’s so smart and now he’s side-lined. Doctors want my son to lie around for three to four months.” 

As for Justin’s recovery, Harrington said, “He has minor scarring on his heart and doctors hope they caught it early enough that there will be no other issues — but it’s pure conjecture at this point.”

I feel like screaming already, but there's more:

Harrington said when he called the dean of NJIT prior to his son getting vaccinated and asked why the school is forcing young people who are at little risk of serious illness from COVID to get the vaccine, the dean replied that unless his son had a valid medical or religious exemption, it was a requirement.

It was a requirement. But this requirement makes no sense and it is poses unacceptable risk.

“I am not ‘anti-vax,’” Harrington said. “I am ‘anti-forced-vaxxed.’ They’re forcing these kids to get a vaccine even though they’re not affected by COVID or have already had it.”

In the end, though, at least Justin is alive.  

Harrington said he also knows of a girl who had to have a heart transplant after being vaccinated and believes his son’s condition could have been even more severe if he hadn’t reached him in time.

According to WLWT 5 News, 19-year-old Simone Scott underwent a heart transplant one month after suffering a heart complication from her second dose of Moderna and subsequently passed away.

A heart transplant for a healthy teenager? And then she died? Like NJIT, Simone Scott's college, Northwestern, required students to be vaccinated in order to return to campus in the fall. Where are the screamers? On CNN, calling for heads to roll at NJIT, Northwestern, Dartmouth, UVA and the rest? At the New York Times? Breitbart News? Of course, there aren't any in Big/Biggish Media of any kind.

Simone Scott's story was reported in detail on Twitter by former NYT reporter Alex Berenson and picked up here at The Defender, among other smaller outlets.

This reckless disregard of the health of young lives and everyone's liberty must stop. Young people are at no risk from "covid" but are at an increasing risk from covid vaccines. Colleges must end this madness and reverse their dangerous vaccine policy. 

I emailed multiple officials at NJIT this morning to alert them to Justin's myocarditis, the growing evidence that covid injections are triggering myocarditis in some young people, and to ask what they were going to do about their mandatory vaccine policy.

Here is a response from NJIT's "Chief Strategy Officer."  

Parents, this is no strategy. This is a danger zone. Your children are in danger from the covid shots, and their colleges and universities, along with government, the medical establishment and the media, are complicit. Do something. No one else will.


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