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Jun 18

Written by: Diana West
Friday, June 18, 2021 4:27 AM 

Maybe this will wake people up. They don't seem to want to protect themselves or their children, but maybe the risk to their precious "travel" (for which they have lined up on droves to be injected with the experimental covid vaccine) will ring a danger bell. The government and media have yet to brainwash us into believing that falling out of the sky is a good way to die, so there is some hope this latest monstrous risk associated with covid injections with will penetrate the hypnotized postmodern mind. 

Yesterday, rumors went around and around that two, three, no, four British Airways pilots died suddenly due to covid injection "side effects" -- I put "side effects" in quotation marks because such injuries, now many thousands of fatalities, have become the most notable primary effects of this grotesque genetic experiment which has magically rendered thinking, sentient, moral (we thought/hoped) beings by the million into lab rats.

The rumor continued: “Because of this, BA are now in crisis talks with the government about whether to allow vaccinated pilots to fly. The issue with that of course is that about 80%, according to my friend in BA, 80-85% have been injected."

Most internet rumors just run and run their course, burning our circuits but ending nowhere. This one went right up to British Airways, which responded through deep-state-mouthpiece Reuters.

Yes, four British Airways pilots died recently. The condolence books (picture above) are authentic.The vaccination claim, however, is "unfounded," and "no such talks were underway with the government." 

You mean to say that BA is allowing unvaccinated pilots to fly in Covid World? Leaving that unlikelihood aside for the moment, we might ponder this report to the CDC's VAERS website from a professional pilot, age 33, from Mississippi, who described the life-changing injuries he has suffered from the Pfizer covid injection.

His report, which appeared on the Telegram account of Robin Menotti, follows:


i noticed a headache in the very top of my head within an hour of getting the vaccine. i thought it was normal because everyone i know said they got a headache from it. over the next few hours, the pain moved down the back of my neck and became a burning sensation at the bottom of my skull. the pain was not excruciating but was constant. i thought it would eventually go away. i'm a pilot and fly for a living. two days after receiving the vaccine i flew my plane and immediately noticed something was wrong with me. i was having a very hard time focusing. approximately 2 hours into my flying i felt sudden and extreme pressure in my head and nearly blacked out. i immediately landed and stopped flying. two days later i tried flying again and the exact same thing happened again after 20 minutes. the burning in my neck intensified and was now accompanied by dizziness, nausea, disorientation, confusion, uncontrollable shaking, and tinkling in my toes and fingers. i immediately went to my hometown doctor and he diagnosed me with vertigo. he prescribed me meclizine on friday 02/05/2021. i took the medicine as prescribed all weekend with no relief. monday 02/08/2021 i made an appointment for that wednesday at the institute. during wednesday 02/10/2021-02/11/2021 i had roughly 10-15 test performed on me including balance, eye and hearing test, ct scan, mri, and measured my spinal fluid pressure. the physician determined on 02/11/2021 that i had an allergic reaction to the pfizer covid vaccine the severely increased the pressure in my spinal cord and brain stem. that pressure causes my vision problems and ultimately ruptured my left inner ear breaking off several crystals in the process. i cannot fly with this condition. i'm currently taking diamox to reduce the pressure in my spinal cord and brain stem.


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