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Jun 25

Written by: Diana West
Friday, June 25, 2021 5:40 AM 

Find your own higher institution in forced vaccination here. 


Dear President Salovey,

I am writing to protest Yale’s forced vaccination policy. It is a totalitarian abomination and it puts lives at risk, needlessly.

Any sentient being knows that the risk from what is called covid to young people is practically nil to none. Therefore, forcing Yale students to become lab rats in a global medical experiment for no good reason defies reason. It defies common sense as well.

Further, there is a dark moral dimension to forced vaccination. It goes against all of our rights as free people. It also goes against the Nuremberg Code, which outlaws forced medical intervention and experimentation on human beings. 

As the evidence of vaccine-linked pain and suffering mounts, we have much more than theoretical concerns to consider. Given the death and injury count to date (and these numbers are drastically under-reported), forced vaccination now becomes literally criminal. According to the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), we know of nearly 6,000 deaths linked to the experimental covid vaccines, along with nearly 30,000 serious injuries. (The eminent cardiologist Dr. Peter McCulllough has sources inside CDC who report that in reality no fewer than 50,000 Americans have already died of the covid vaccines.) More recently, we have learned that covid vaccines place especially young men and boys at risk of myocarditis. As a result, we are seeing unprecedented numbers of teenagers experiencing heart attacks and heart damage!

Please don’t reach for a rebuttal in “statistics,” or "the common good.” Such ideas are the dehumanizing rhetoric of communism and fascism. Instead, please familiarize yourself with some of these individual cases (links below), and then ask yourself whether, knowing these real risks, you personally could then in good conscience inject a line-up of young people with covid vaccines knowing exactly what might happen to them -- not as a result of covid, of course, but as a result of syringe in your hand.

It is unconscionable that the US government has not pulled these vaccine from public use. We have fallen far from the country we were in 1976 when 25 deaths and several hundred cases of paralysis linked to the mass vaccination of the Swine Flu Vaccine caused the US government to halt the whole program. Honestly, I feel as if we are back in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, unable to appeal to law-abiding, moral or sane leadership.

Given the inhumanity and insanity of the US government, however, I am even more horrified that Yale and other colleges are enthusiastic enforcers of this dangerous experimental madness. People including students should be allowed to make their own choices about what is the most elemental basis of their sovereignty: their own bodies. 

Let those who wish to take the injection do so and be  “protected” by “science"; but let those of us who wish to take our chances with our own immune systems against “covid” do so, too. 


Diana West

Saybrook 1983


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