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Jul 9

Written by: Diana West
Friday, July 09, 2021 7:53 AM 

One of the top weapons in the arsenal of deception is time. Big Lies + Time = False Narrative. Batter the truth long enough and there comes that point after which a smoking gun and other evidence matter little more than any other point of argument, perhaps to be won, yes, but to be savored only as the emptiest of victories. Or, rather, the loneliest of victories. The train has left the station and there are just a few stragglers on the platform to notice. 

Certainly, this is the case with the excruciatingly slow extraction of the truth around the murder of Seth Rich and the efforts to hide and distort it by Surveillance Police State Media Complex for the past five years. Thanks in large part to the dogged efforts of plaintiff Ed Butowski, his lawyer Ty Clevenger, Judicial Watch and to the big fat mouths of Michael Isikoff, Ellen Ratner and Deborah Sines, we have more basic information about the FBI, Mueller team and US Attorney investigations and cover-up of the Seth Rich affair.

For several crucial years, the FBI denied investigating Seth Rich at all; for several crucial years, the FBI denied having any documents related to any such investigation; for several crucial years the FBI denied having possession of Seth Rich's laptop. We now know the FBI lied about every one of these things, and so many more. 

But this train left the station so long ago there isn't even a station anymore. But to pick up the tracks ...

Deborah Sines was an assistant US attorney assigned to be the lead prosecutor in the Seth Rich muder case. Her post-retirement interview with Michael Isikoff for his podcast "Conspiracyland" added to our understanding of the cover-up, as refined in a deposition conducted by Ty Clevenger. 

As Gateway Pundit's Joe Hoft summarized:

Sines discussed her comments that she gave to Michael Isikoff (noted below) and confirmed that they were true but then states that she should not have said those things and she would not be able to provide more information on the statements.  She confirmed that the FBI did examine Seth Rich’s computer and that she met with an FBI Agent and a prosecutor from the Mueller gang.

The truth, battered for years, will out. 

This indicates that there should be a form 302 floating around with information from the discussion with the FBI and Mueller gang and also it confirms that Mueller did not mention this in his report.

A new "declassification" of heavily censored ("redacted") Seth Rich documents (which, as noted above, the FBI crucial years denying they even possessed) does seem to include a write-up of this meeting titled "Sensitive Matter - Meeting with AUSA [Assistant US Attorney]."

The meeting took place on March 15, 2018 at the US Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia between an FBI special agent, an AUSA, likely Sines, and an attorney with Mueller's Special Counsel office, Heather Alperino. A trifecta of cover-up.


These pages distinguish between Seth Rich's personal laptop, which an unknown person took to an unknown house, where it suffered a redacted fate, and Seth Rich's work laptop, which the assistant US Attorney and redacted others are aware of as being in the possession of the FBI. The AUSA requested a "forensic image" of the laptop. 

Tea leaves to be tortured another day.

Here, however, is something new to me -- something that merits an good old fashioned "EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it!"

According to this email from a redacted person to "Rush" at "LGA" (?), it was a redacted person from Perkins Coie who turned over a copy of Seth Rich's DNC laptop to the FBI in San Francisco in May 2017.

What was that again?

Perkins Coie, legal counsel of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, has its fingerprints are all over the old Russia Hoax, beginning with hiring Fusion GPS to concoct the fake Steele dossier and hiring Crowdstrike to fake-investigate the DNC email leak. Now the firm of Marc Elias (Kamala Harris campaign counsel) and Michael Sussman and Robert Bauer ( wife Anita Dunn) is a link in the chain of custody of the Seth Rich laptop.

I'm sure there is a completely reassuring explanation for all of this. After all, Seth Rich's murder was a "robbery gone bad," Julian Assange is a terrorist, and Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president.










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