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Jul 13

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, July 13, 2021 5:03 AM 

Shawn Skelton used to be a Certified Nursing Assistant at Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Oakland City, Indiana. "Very pressured" by her employers, Shawn submitted to the Moderna injection on January 4, 2021. Within two days, she was in full-body convulsions, including her tongue, which became swollen and raw in spasm against her teeth. 

The medical establishment, from emergency room to primary care doctors, would diagnose Skelton as a psych patient suffering from anxiety. Yes, you read that right, and it is the most common diagnosis by medical professionals in denial about covid vaccine "adverse events," as they are anticeptically labeled. (To date, with probably only 1 percent to 10 percent reporting, the CDC's VAERS covid-vaccine-linked death count exceeds 9,000 deaths and serious injuries exceed 40,000.)  Skelton was just "stressed out by the shot," suffering from PTSD, panic attacks. Meanwhile, she says her employer has denied her worker's compensation.

This is unconscionable, but what is not unconscionable about this organized global assault on humanity, from vaccine masterminds to vaccine shills?   

Nine days after being injected with a vial containing what David Martin calls "a pathogen-stimulating computer sequence," Skelton posted a video of herself on Facebook in the aftermath of days of continuous convulsions. She is experiencing shakes and tremors the likes of which are so constant, so exaggerated that one might even mistake them for deliberate movements -- an imitation of spasm, not the real thing.

It's the real thing.

In this January video, Skelton announced: "My name is Shawn Skelton and I am very real, and unfortunately this is also very real. I didn't know what else to do but come on live and show everybody what my body is going through at all wakening hours of my day."

Overnight, the video went viral. What to do? The CDC  issued a statement to local media (far be it for media to put CDC officials on the hot seat a la Mike Wallace in the 1970s during the Swine Flu Vaccine disaster) to announce that side effects "tend to be mild" and doctors disputed her story. 

The Covid Blog covered Skelton's story here. Natural News included her video here in what wasby mid-January already an extensive roung-up of covid shot injuries and death. Eating to Ascend reposted the Natural News compilation here. Here is a June 4 compilation of mainly local reporting of covid vaccine linked deaths from Circle of Mamas.

Do you see where this is going? Not a bit deeper into the national news cycle. 

On February 1, 2021, Skelton mounted a lonely protest outside the nursing home where she worked, covered by a local ABC TV affiliate and picked up by The Covid Blog.

Skelton, however, was not alone. A big break in the story came on April 30, 2021, when Del Bigtree interviewed Skelton and two other similarly covid-vaccine-injured health care workers, Angelia Desselle, and Kristi Simmonds, on his popular show, "The Highwire." (If you have not seen Bigtree's discerning and compassionate interview, watch here.) Bigtree offered the women the opportunity to establish their bona fides, tell their harrowing stories, discuss the excruciatingly painful home videos of their seizures and distress, all in the context of mounting but ignored covid vaccine injuries and deaths -- news of which was pouring in to the women from dozens of victims around the world, people suffering from the vaccine, and being diagnosed with anxiety and ignored by the media. 

One heartening aspect about the Bigtree interview is that all three of these women are able to sit for it. They are all of them composed and in control of their bodies for the hour-long-show.

However, that does not mean their troubles -- their convulsions -- are over. In fact, it was an heart-breaking update on Shawn Skelton's condition that prompted me today to write up her story today.

I found this video update on Bitchute, dated May 16, 2021. As Skleton explains, it is over four months since she was injected with the experimental Moderna shot.

DIsturbing as it is, I hope you watch it below. We have Shawn Skelton and her brave fellow-victims to thank for showing us what a crime against humanity looks like in America, circa 2021, where the illegitimate government regime, its praetorian media, and the corrupt medical and pharmaceutical complex have united to inject us with toxins for no good reason, just gigantically evil ones, and to silence and choke us with disinformation.

Shawn Skelton's GoFundMe is here. 

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