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Jul 15

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, July 15, 2021 4:17 AM 

I picked this story up at Vivian Kubrick's Telegram Channel. It was reported by Bernie'sTweets @BernieSpoforroth, forwarded by Faye and posted by Suzie Q. 

We now rely on such modern-day jungle drums in lieu of journalists.

Let us take a closer look. 

The young man with the blue headband is the unfortunate Matthew Roche, whose cautionary tale of Unvaccinated Misery (If only I'd taken the shot!) made it onto ITV News' "Good Morning, Britain" from which it was subsequently picked up by the Liverpool Echo. He looks a little robust for having spent the past five weeks in Intensive Care, but such are the miracles of modern medicine.

Does anyone in Liverpool recognize Mr. Roche? 

Roche is a local actor, not very active or exalted, but who, nonetheless, did trod the boards in 2020 as Captain Bluebeard in a pantomime in Rainhill Village. More interestingly, Roche also has a background in "casualty simulation."  

In 2016, Roche appeared in a "coordinated emergency services response" to a simulated terrorist attack in which he played a "blown up civilian." He was not just a pretty corpse. Matthew gave emergency services his all: "simulated shock, crying, vomiting ... to bring as much realism to the role so as to challenge responders and volunteer actors."

Also in 2016, Roche was "a main speaking lead" in "Virtually Dead," a virtual reality entertainment (I use the term loosely) which claims to have sold 10,000 tickets in London and Paris to "guests" who made their way through "a military facility overrun by infected zombies." Wow.

Roche played a soldier on an operating table where he had his leg sawn off. (See Matthew's leg amputation here.)

Now, it's lights, camera, action again for Matthew Roche, this time on ITV News, as he recuperates in living color from a desperate case of covid caught, the show's script tells us, because he had not lined up in time for his kill shot.  

But wait. Here's another ITV News "victim" of unvaccination -- and another actor!

The question is, do we send them a get well card or an Emmy?

If it's an Emmy, who is representing these hospital-bed-thespians, paying them, feeding them lines, costuming them with oxygen tubing, lighting them, promoting them, and how can the British people clap them all in irons?



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