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Jul 16

Written by: Diana West
Friday, July 16, 2021 5:11 AM 

The entire website of Gemma O'Doherty is gone, and while I am hoping she is closeted with her attorneys or some such, I am worried the Irish court may have thrown her into prison.

Gemma O'Doherty is a fearless, award-winning, investigative Irish journalist, speaker of truth to power, and bane of the State, all States, that deal in lies and corruption. Her vocal, principled opposition to public lies and internal rot inspired her to run for office under the banner of Anti-Corruption Ireland. This got her labeled a "far right politician." Her reporting on the totalitarian campaign of lies and fear-mongering in the name of something non-existent labeled "public health," which tyrants have used to turn our free societies into open air prisons, got her labeled a "conspiracy theorist."

It is her most recent reporting on Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, however, that landed O''Doherty in court earlier this summer. Drawing on the evidence, including audio recordings of senior hospital staff provided by whistleblowers from inside the hospital, O'Doherty brought to the public a record of the hospital's campaign of coercion to inject staff with the experimental "covid vaccine."

Aggreived over such transparency, Beaumont Hospital responded to these whistleblower testimonies by seeking an injunction from the court against the O'Doherty videos. In what has become a hallmark of the New Totalitarianism in the Western world, the Irish court obliged, first, by refusing to allow Gemma O'Doherty to present any evidence in her own defense. (We keep forgetting: The truth is no defense.) Sans O'Doherty's evidence, the court agreed with the hospital, yes, the videos were defamatory, and yes, they should be removed from public view.

O'Doherty refused to comply.

Now we learn that it wasn't just three videos that were the "problem," because it isn't just three videos that have been taken down from public view. Gemma O'Doherty's entire website, her entire body of work, is no longer online, either.

Here are some still-searchable headlines that now lead nowhere:

"Beaumont Scandal Goes International..."

"Live from Beaumont Hospital Where Staff Continue To Be..."

"Beaumont Is Well Aware the Experimental Vaccine Is Killing..."

"Beaumont Whistleblower Speaks Out: They Are Persecuting ..."

"Beaumont Director of Nursing Marie Murray Punishes a Nurse..." 

"Gemma O'Doherty Tells High Court Application by Beaumont Is `Spurious and Outrageous' "

It wasn't a few videos the Irish medical-legal tyranny wanted to silence, it was Gemma O'Doherty.

Where is she now?

In a recent video posted on Rumble on July 15 under the title "This Could Be Her Last Video Before Arrest," O'Doherty told us that Beaumont Hospital was going back to court that day to try to have placed in jail.

Beaumont Hospital wants me to say that I'm a liar and I am not. And every single word that I said was true and I continue to report the truth about what is going on at that hospital and others. Because if we don't stand up for those on the frontline of mandatory vaccination, they're coming for all of us next.

And these brave people, who have taken a stand, are working with the vaccine-injured: people who've died as a result of this experimental needle; people who have severe clots; people who have gone blind in one eye; people who gone blind in two eyes. If we do not stand up for those trying to stop the carnage what are we as humans? We've lost our humanity.

Beaumont are saying that because I will not say I am a liar and I told lies they are going back to the court at 5 o'clock today to seek to have me jailed. To seek a commital order from the court.

And I am not willing to say I'm a liar because I'm not.

This represent the truth [holding her crucifix]. And as Cathoic it is my job to tell the truth to spread the truth and that's what I've done throughout the course of my work and I am not gong to stop now.

... I am not in a position to say that I told lies.

Neither was Thomas More, who would not say that Ann Boleyn was Henry the VIII's wife when she wasn't. It is these simplest of truths that drive dictators into murderous rages. 

Gemma O'Doherty is well aware of the dangerous situtation she is in and expressly told viewers that she is in no way suicidal. I will report back when I learn more. 

Meanwhile, what has happened to our world?  

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