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Jul 20

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, July 20, 2021 4:33 AM 

During the terrible weeks in which the coup against the American people was consolidated (Nov 3 to Jan 6), there was a blackout in the press. From left to right on the media spectrum, there was a nearly complete absence of reports, even terrifically slanted reports, about the tumultuous events under way. This was a historic turning point in American history, and, there is barely any journalistic record of it.

Used to be one could at least sift through "fake news" coverage in all of those papers of record out there and come up with a key fact along the way. No more. Now, following the pattern of totalitarian societies, "the media" censors anything that threatens the regime and contradicts its message. Such things do not exist, period.

Thus, we come to "the case," the whistleblower," and "the smoking gun" in the crime against humanity of the century, if not the millenium: the takeover of every free society in existence on earth by means of public health tyranny, currently flexing and expand into every other kind of tyranny.

The case is actually three cases: briefs devised by David Martin, Thomas Renz and Michael P. Senger.

The whistleblower is "Jane Doe" from inside the CDC/HHS.

The "smoking gun" is the FDA's guilty knowledge, circa fall 2020, of the life-threatening, life-altering and life-ending effects of the covid injections.

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