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Jul 26

Written by: Diana West
Monday, July 26, 2021 4:39 AM 

Will this American football star submit to wearing a yellow bracelet?


Things are moving quickly.

Liberty Daily:

"Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Label Unvaccinated Players with Yellow Wristbands"

Nazi Germany forced Jews to wear yellow patches with the Star of David on them so everyone could easily spot them in a crowd. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are forcing unvaccinated players to wear yellow wristbands so journalists can spot them on the practice field. Irony is lost on the NFL.

The writer correctly harkens back to the Nazis and their 12-year-Reich, which, as everyone really does know, forced Jews to mark themselves with yellow patches in the shape of the Star of David. Something as inconsequential as "irony," however, is not at issue when today's woke, gay, Marxist NFL begins following the same National Socialist playbook as Adolf Hitler. Think about it; think about what we are watching take shape -- the Covid ReichHow long will it last and how many will be destroyed and even killed in its name?

History tells us that the growing threat to  life -- liberty and the pursuit of happiness already having been shredded by tyrants in Washington and the States and their whip-cracking masters at the Bilderberg Group, the UN, Beijing/Moscow, Davos, Kissinger & Associates, the Gates Foundations, DARPA and elsewhere -- cannot be overstated.

In Nazi-ruled Germany, tyrants in Berlin first had to establish and codify the Other-ness of German Jews. This they accomplished In 1935 at Nuremberg, when Hitler "changed the status of German Jews to that of Jews in Germany, thus `legally' establishing the framework that eventually led to the Holocaust." Of course, the Nazis were only emulating what their fellow-socialists in the USSR had already established in killing fields and holocausts before (and after) them. 

In similar "legal" fashion, Covid Tyrannies around the formerly Free World are establishing the Other-ness of freedom-minded men, women and children. First, they brutalized us all by placing us under global house arrest, destroying our economies, our way of life, our humanity. Then, they carried off the anti-Trump coup d'etat, a speed bump en route to the "Great Reset," which, not incidentally, we have long been warned about by those who saw One World Government coming and were reviled for it as "wearing tin foil hats." Now, in this period of post-Trump/post-nation revolutionary entrenchment,  tyrants are setting up Other-ness again, two-tiered societies divided between favored gentically modified ("vaccinated") persons and the figuratively spat-upon (but just wait) organic human beings. Here in the United States, the pace varies some -- due to a minimal finesse required to bring about the total destruction of the Bill of Rights with lightest squawking -- but the destination in tyranny is the same.

How do we stop this? Today, the buck should start with the Bucs -- none of whom, vaxxed or not, should put on a bracelet of any color. Strike, men! What happened to the strike? 

Alas, these super-athletes of brawn and drive, were taught to hit hard but for nothing much except a giant salary and the residual muck of Marxism. They will always take a knee for Marx on the way to the bank, so why not a yellow bracelet for a future Auschwitz? Those who call the shots are exactly the same.




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