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Aug 3

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 03, 2021 4:08 AM 

Illustration by Baron Bodissey


Anyone who believes that the coercion/mandate of "covid" injections of poisonous genetic yuck + graphene oxide + ? = evidence of concern for your health and your family's on the part of the covid dictatorships of the world, assorted mega-billionaire-madmen, and their supra-national masters may now join my chickens in the coop.

Everyone else still trying to get their head around the colossal scale of evil on display and grappling with the Big Picture implications, read on for some rational, if terrifying discussions of same.

"Why Are Globalists and Governments So Desperate for 100 p/c Vaccintation Rates?" by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.US.

"Implementing Geronticide" by Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna

"Covid-19 Is the Murder of Old People" by Jon Rappaport 

Jon Rappaport is also among those making the cogent case there is no "Sars-Cov-2," which, of course, means there is no Delta Variant. Dr. Andrew Kaufman delves into the science here.

This looks really interesting: Celia Farber on the "prophetic work" of the late president of Rethinking AIDS: "The Quiet One: David Crowe Died One Year Ago. He May Have Known More About Why PCR Was Not A `Test' For `Covid' Than Any Other Single Person" at "The Truth Barrier" on Substack.

From 2020: "Exposing Agenda 21: Rosa Koire Pulls Back the Curtain [Video]" by Juliet Bonnay


Editor-in-Chief of Germany's Top Newspaper Apologizes for fear-Driven Covid Coverage" by Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News.


"The Ten Stages of Genocide" by Dr. Gregory H Stanton, Director, Genocide Watch


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