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Aug 17

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 17, 2021 5:28 AM 

We know the vaxx dictatorship is not about our health; it is about our control. The vaxx passport is the ticket to that control. 

The super-duper amazing Catherine Austin Fitts explains the mechanism of that control is, who is behind it, and how it will work to true journalist Del Bigtree on a recent, extremely important segment of The High Wire (watch the video segment below or here).

Our one and only option is to stop supporting and enabling our slave-masters -- now! Fitts says this means immediately removing our money from the control of our enemies -- the largest banks, such as Chase, the largest corporations, which are all party to the disaster capitalism that gutted Main Street during the corona-coup lockdown and is rolling our the Great Reset, i.e. our digital slavery. (Read how to start disenaging here.)

Catherine's money quote (literally) about the corona-coup-by-lockdown:

The bigger play was a financial reingeering that has absolutely nothing to do with health care. Health care is the marketing plan for the re-engineering of our governance and financial systems. This is a coup.

Catherine also harkens back to the beginings of this latest juggernaut aimed directly at the people of this nation: The period immediately following World War II when the US started to build a black budget, and a national security state that was secret. (I was just discussing the formation of the CIA in 1947 on my Patreon channel as our doomsday, which was a large part of that same anti-democratic post-war agenda.)

I have scratched down, perhaps not always verbatim, some of Fitts' crucial-to-understand discussion points.

The more they get away with, the less they respect the average person. It's reached a very dangerous point because the average person can't fathom that the governnce system has gotten this far away from them.

On the BLM/Antifa riots last year -- on whether they were natural or part of this consolidation of power and money?

The riots tended to happen in the cities where you had a federal reserve bank. If you look at where the riots were, I would describe them as a real estate acquisition plan. So, a lot of them occurred in opportunity zones, which are tax shelters, and if you gonna  build out the smart grid, the place you want to build the smart grid out ... is in the cities and areas you have a fed bank.

We created a data base at Solari, and mapped out the riots, and found an extraordinary correlation between the fed banks and the opportunity zones where the riots were ... I've worked as an assistant secretary at HUD, and we saw very similar patterns in the mortgage fraud. I would say that the riots were primarily an op, and probably designed to facilitate picking up lots of real estate cheap in the areas where they most want to build out the smart grid first.

The labor shortages in small businesses this summer are about what?

Small business is the bedrock of democracy .... The best to wipe out small business is to make sure that their labor supply has an alternative to going to work. ... What we're seeing is different prototyping on how you're going to buy everybody out of the labor force. ...

I think what they want is control of the food supply. Small restaurants provide a very significant market for small farmers, away from the big industrial food system. So there is clearly a desire to wipe out the small business industry if they can. It is all part of the plan to take control.   

The land grab has just begun.

Referencing the World Economic Forum/Klaus Schwab slogan: It's 2030 and you own nothing and you're happy ...

It's 2030, we wll have stolen all your assets and we're going to mind-control you.

Now for CAF's "good news"

1) We're on our own, but if we know we're on our own we can take action.

2) Use cash -- especially on "Cash Friday." 

3) In almost every county we still have community banks and credit unions. Use them. This circulates money locally. Get your money out of the big banks and get it into the local small banks.

4) Build resiliency within family, community. Get the big corporations out of your lives (Check out "Coming Clean" at Solari). Get any company that has no integrity out of your life.

5) Build local food systems. Inflation is here but it's really coming. 

6)  Stop building your own prison.

7) It's a journey. Just get started, and be energized. We can decentralize. Spend money at local stores and do business in cash. Big secret: We don't need central banks. 

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