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Aug 23

Written by: Diana West
Monday, August 23, 2021 4:51 AM 

In an interview (watch below) Jon Rappaport analyzes here, listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. explain what happened to the vaccine safety commission that President-elect Trump appointed him to lead. Fauci and Pfizer have their fingerprints all over this trainwreck, but surely it was Trump's ultimate call. Kennedy also talks about how simple it would be establish once and for all whether there are connections between childhood vaccines and childhood nuerological and other diseases by having independent scientists examine the volumnious but secret archives of the Vaccine Safety Datalink, which I think he says are also controlled by the evil Fauci.

Why did Trump allow this vital project to disintegrate after initiating it and having Kennedy publicly announce it? If we imagine how damaging to the medical/pharamaceutical establishment the finding of such a commission might have been, we can also imagine how desperately that establishment would have worked to ensure that it never saw the light of day. How did they deter Trump?  

Kennedy notes that a $1 million donation from Pfizer to the Trump inauguration came in after his meeting with Trump; also, that he continued to have meetings for a while (I'm not sure if he met with Trump again), including with Fauci.

It's hard to believe Trump was bought off for $1 million from Pfizer. What else may have transpired? Kennedy notes also that Big Pharma soon entered the new Trump admin in the persons of Scott Gottlieb, who left Pfizer to lead the FDA (and has since returned to Pfizer) and Alex Azar, formerly with Eli Lily, at HHS. Azar, by the way, outed himself recently as "the architect of Operation Warp Speed." 

While we were all rising to the Trump-Russia bait in the media,  the seeds of corona tyranny were being laid behind the scenes.


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