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Aug 23

Written by: Diana West
Monday, August 23, 2021 7:48 AM 


He said it to a rabbical court in Israel, he said it to Stew Peters here in the US.

Dr. Ze'ev Zelenko, one of the truly heroic doctors in the battle against the corona tyrants, has twice now posed an explanation for why it is that all of the leaders of the governments of the world are together in lockstep, forcing and coercing poisonous experimental gene-altering injections on the citizens of their countries.   

The first time I heard his explanation, Dr. Zelenko was presenting evidence to a rabbinical court in Israel against the "covid death shot." He was also discussing the equally lockstep and widespread war of fraud and deceit by governments across the world against hydroxychloriquine and other cheap and easily home-administered therapeutics, which have been proven to give relief and healing to people suffering from coronavirus.

Having demonstrated that all governmental agencies, such as the CDC, FDA, NIH, have lost credibility, he added:

According to the NIH right now, you're not supposed to treat Covid unless you're in the hospital and your oxygen is less than 92 percent. This is the advice and recommendation of a government that wants you to die. After 18 months and dozens of studies that have shown an 85 percent on average benefit of healing [from therapeutics], of avoiding hospitalization and  death, you have a government agency making that recommendation? They have completely lost all credibility. Yes, our governments are corrupt. Yes, our governments have conspired.


You know if were organizing this, I would come to a world leader, I would come to Bibi or come to Bennet, and say: Listen, here is 500 million dollars. I'll put it in an account that no one can trace. Just listen to us. And if you don't we're going to kill your family.

The rabbis were stunned (photo above). There is silence for several seconds.

A week or two later, Dr. Zelenko went on The Stew Peters Show.

Peters asks why is there not one world leader who has said no to the kill shot.

Dr. Zelenko sais it again:

If I was Mr Bad Globalist Man with infinite resources, and, let's say you were Bibi Netanyahu, I would come to you and say, Listen, my friend. Here is a Swiss bank account with 500 million dollars in it, It's yours. Do with it what you want. And if you don't we will kill your family.

Dr. Zelenko is a very serious man engaged in the very serious work of healing patients, many of them  very high-level patients, including people in leadership positions. I don't take his hypothesis lightly.

Meanwhile, there has been talk of the few independent-minded leaders of nations in the world, those few who actually resisted the covid injection program, and who are now dead. These include Tanzania President John Magafuli, who had a Ph.D. in chemistry, by the way, and who was able to make a mockery of the useless fraud known as the PCR test in 2020 by revealing that samples from a paw paw fruit and a goat had come up positive for "covid."

We are supposed to believe that his mysterious disappearance and subsequent death came as a result of "covid" earlier this year.  

The Covid Blog has more here about highly suspicious deaths of several other world leaders, including the assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moïse, who had rejected 750,000 "free" AstraZeneca shots in May, a delivery that stalled again in June. Moïse was killed in July.

Maybe these few men were the few leaders with the courage and conviction to say no. 



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