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Sep 1

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, September 01, 2021 6:39 AM 

The date is October 13, 1976.

UPI reports:

State health officials decided today to call a temporary halt to the swine flu innoculation program throughout Michigan in the wake of two reported deaths of elderly Michigan residents who received flu shots.

UPI reports:

Despite assurances by federal health officials that the nationwide Swine Flu vaccination program is safe, vaccinations in all or parts of ten states have been suspended after the deaths of several elderly persons.

Think of it. There used to be an America in which concern for the public health and welfare was so acute that the unexplained deaths of several senior citizens who had been injected with a new flu vaccine was cause for swift protective action by the government.      

By year's end, after some two to three dozens Americans were reported to have died after being immunized against Swine Flu and the US government halted the entire vaccination program.

That America, those public officials, are dead. Where did they go? 

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