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Sep 10

Written by: Diana West
Friday, September 10, 2021 6:18 AM 


This is one shell-shocking interview with a hospital nurse whistleblower (watch below).

Bottom line: Hospitals are kill centers, hospital staff have no idea how worthless the PCR test is as a diagnostic tool (because it is not a diagonostic tool), hospital covid protocols are lethal (Remdesivir and ventilators) and the so-called "Delta variant" is a wave, a tsunami of vaccine-related injuries.

Money quote: "The `Delta variant' is the vaccine injuries."

What kind of vaccine injuries is the nurse seeing? She ticks them off: Blood clots, cardiac issues. neurological issues, balance issues, cognitive issues, aggressive behavior, encephalopathy -- all of which illnesses are "very different," she adds, from the previous "covid" wave of respiratory cases. 

Her message to us:

I want the world to stop watching the news. It is absolutely false. It is creating a false fear. I would go through covid, the actual, initial part of it, ten times over easily compared to what I have seen with this vaccine rollout. The injuries and the loss of life, and the loss of function. People are walking into the hosptail with breathing issues, and a lot of these people, theyre not going out. They're not leaving. People with normal levels of life that were actually caregivers to their families, they're coming in and they're changed forever, and their families are now taking care of them. This is horrific. This vaccine rollout is a nightmare, and the media is completely, completely not telling the public any truth with what is actually going on with these vaccines (and they're not vaccines).

What's sad is that doctors are very aware of the effects of these [vaccines]. They can't not see them. If staff like myself are aware -- and we are nowhere near the level of education of these doctors and specialists  -- and they're pushing these -- and when you question them you are shut down. It's a nightmare.

We have no idea [why doctors are doing this]. We just know it is an unwritten rule. You can't talk about it. They are pushing it at levels I've never seen. And the administration is pushing this on staff. None of this make sense, knowing the results of these. The staff that is awake, we see. None of us are going to take these, we see what it is doing to patients. And we are helpless.

We are not helpless if we help ourselves and each other. Do not take the shot. If you've taken one, do not take two. If you've taken two, do not take any boosters.

Lining up for injection is like lining up for the cattle car. Don't.

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