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Sep 22

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 11:55 AM 


Official tallies indicate that Americans have now received 378.2 million shots in the arm of an  experimental mRNA therapy known to be potentially harmful and lethal. That so many Americans have signed up themselves and their children to be expendable lab rats in this genetic assault on humanity en route to global slavery ("the new normal") remains an abhorrent perplexity, but that's not my topic today.

Today's topic is cause and effect. Some tiny fraction of these injections have been linked to death and catastrophic injury, effects known in blandest bureaucratese as "adverse events." While relatively small next to the number of shots inflicted, these numbers are still staggering:  Scientists calculate that over 150,000 Americans have already died from the C19 injection. Among the shot's survivors, the odds of contracting a case of myocarditis, for example, are now known to be 1 in 1,000 (with a sex ratio of 2 females to 29 males). That means you have a .1 percent chance of developing life-shortening myocarditis from a treatment purported to offset an illness you have a .05 percent chance of dying from.

Not that logic applies here.   

There are two particularly striking aspects to these "adverse events." The C19 shot seems to attack the human body indiscriminately, assaulting any and all of its systems; it also seems to attack absolutely anyone. The catastrophically vaccine-injured (and killed) not only include previously healthy people of all ages, but also elite and very young athletes.

How could such a generalized disaster afflict such a relatively small number of people? I wonder if every one of the hundreds of millions of shots reportedly being administered is as lethal or toxic as every other. Did the same shot that did this to 23-year-old Brittany Jouppi really leave your immuno-compromised father-in-law with the heart condition alone? Did the same shot that did this to 39-year-old snow-boarding nurse practicioner not discomfort in the slightest the greying  "Karens" of the neighborhood who seethe over the unvaxxed? 

When I started writing this essay yesterday, I thought I was flailing in the realm of the theoretical, piecing together possibilities. I was thinking back to the start of the C19 shot "rollout," and stories of wildly uneven quality control. One Baltimore factory, for example, responsible for manufacturing millions of doses of J&J's "one and done" (a phrase like fingernails on the blackboard), was shut down for contamination problems. It seemed reasonable to assume some mixed-up vials of "jabs" from somewhere got into someone, no? Then there are the rigorous storage requirements especially for the Pfizer and Moderna products. Read them and tell me you are confident your local Walgreens or CVS is enforcing them. Then there are the products' ever-looming expiration dates. It's got to be a surefire bet that not all of the 378.2 million shots administered to date have been fresh out of the box.

Then there is this:

Accidents? Mix-ups? A quick search uncovers more such anecdotal reports -- and how many go undetected? Meanwhile, not all of these incidents are covered as "accidents." Last month, an unnamed Red Cross nurse in northern Germany was reported to have injected 8,600 people with saline solution, not the clot shot. "The motive of the nurse, who was not named, was not clear but she had aired sceptical views about vaccines in social media posts, police investigators said." The fate of this angel of mercy is unknown. There was also a pharmacist in Wisconsin, Steven Brandenberg, who, believing the C19 injections to be toxic for human beings, tried to neutralized hundreds of C19 doses by removing them from their deep-freeze refrigeration unit for hours at a time. Another hero of our time, Brandenberg has already been tried and sentenced to three years in prison.

If we ever return to sanity and retake our liberty, our angel of mercy nurse and heroic pharmacist -- along with these daring forgers of vaccination papers -- will have their places in the pantheon of heroes honored, if not also sainted, for their stand against totalitarianism and gathering genocide. Do we not honor such as they who risked all against Nazi and Soviet regimes?

Here are three more for the pantheon.

According to ABC6 in Rhode Island:

The men, who have been identified as Shawn Sommers, Raymond Witkowski and David Pfindel, are suspected of having varying roles in the creation of the fraudulent cards.

Sommers and Witkowski resigned their posts on Aug. 10, one day after another trooper raised concerns with supervisors about their conduct, police said. Pfindel resigned on Sept. 3, following an investigation by the Department of Public Safety.

Another trooper "raised concerns..." (more fingernails on the blackboard). Hero or rat -- the latest Rorschach test of the human soul. 

The state police director makes his allegiance clear: 

“The accusations in this case involve an extraordinary level of misconduct — a criminal violation of the law — and I could not be more upset and disappointed,” Col. Matthew T. Birmingham, director of the Vermont State Police, said. “If these allegations are proved to be true, it is reprehensible that state troopers would manipulate vaccination cards in the midst of a pandemic, when being vaccinated is one of the most important steps anyone can take to keep their community safe from COVID-19.”

As soon as state police supervisors found out about the former troopers’ alleged actions, they said they immediately reported the allegations to federal law enforcement.

And I hope you know what that means -- the American FSB (Russian state security) is on the case.

One last word about forged vaccination cards. In this digital day, any simple paper record becomes a provocation. Surely, the state could have issued something at least as secure as a library card if it wanted to -- but I suspect it didn't want to. I suspect it preferred to lure the more foolhardy among us into their traps.


Back to cause and extremely disparate effect. 

Yesterday's "Ask Dr. Jane" on the Stew Peters Show just happened to lead off with the very question I have been grappling with, boiled down to: "Why do some people have horrible side effects from the jab, but other people seem just fine?" 

Dr. Jane Ruby was off and running, a little too fast for me, but the gist of what she said confirms that not only do things happen to the "vaccines" after delivery, whether through mix-up or intent, but that the vaccines themselves vary widely by design due to the fact that the Emergency Use Authorized innoculation program is one giant clinical trial. That's something we all know, of course, and I certainly knew it. But what didn't really penetrate was the implication: that in the continuing experimentation with these "vaccines," continuously and chaotically under way (Dr. Ruby pointed out that all three "arms" of these clinical trials are happening simultaneously, not sequentially), the pharmaceutical companies are purposefully changing around the dosages, and, yes, administering placebos in the process.

Is any of this news to you? It was to me, and confirmed another, hugely significant explanation for disparate effects of C19 innoculation.  

Ruby sent viewers to dig around, starting with a search of Pfizer's C19 injection trials. I quickly discovered trials underway which, yes, offer varying dosages, ranging from 10 to 30 to 50 to 100 micrograms, and also placebos. 

I have yet to figure out what the "normal" dosage of the C19 shot is. Is there a normal dosage? I am reminded of something that Dr. Ardis pointed out: that under the EUA, manufacturers are at liberty to change their formulas (which are unknown to us anyway) at will. So who knows what is going into anybody's arm? In sum, all jabs are not created equal.

But we are. Stay that way. Keep saying NO to the death vaxx.


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