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Oct 4

Written by: Diana West
Monday, October 04, 2021 6:24 PM 

Joining one of my favorite hosts, Peter McIlvenna, five minutes before showtime, I learned that we were to be streaming live over multiple platforms including the censor-patrolled spaces of Facebook and Youtube, and that Hearts of Oak already had a "strike" or two on Youtube, and three strikes you're out.

What gets you a "strike"? Practically anything -- but certainly discussing the stolen election or the dangers of the C19 clot shot, both of which are starting points for anything I could possibly want to talk about given that my topic was a recap of the summer's events in the USA for Hearts of Oak's mainly British audience.

Peter told me his plan was to start out under censorship and then, mid-broadcast, drop off of FB and YT after urging viewers (prisoners) on those two totalitarian platform to migrate with us to other platforms where speech would continue to be live-streamed in its free and unconstrained state -- the Hearts of Oak website, VK, Dlive, Brand New Tube, Odysee.    

OK, I'll give it a try.... Results here

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