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Oct 10

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, October 10, 2021 4:27 AM 

Who hears the ticking clock? Is it only a matter of getting the censored facts to people before it's too late? Or are we counting down to some Zero Hour?

While organs formerly known as news media flog the same agit prop to drive the new Jews (everyone) into the new ovens (Walgreens?) under cover of "health" to receive their death or clot or crippling shot of experimental genetic therapy and heavy metals and other mystery toxins, "alternative" voices in medicine and law grow in volume and certainty, warning us away from this global assault on humanity itself via pharmaceutical injection -- the gateway drug to digital slavery in transhumanist hell on earth.  

No wonder these doctors and other professionals, shut out of the public square, sound apocalyptic from their disconnected platforms. They are talking about a war of the ages that most people are completely unaware of. They don't even know that these medical dissenters are being suppressed and neutralized. 

They don't even know the "vaccines" are dangerous -- until they or someone they love is poisoned and it is too late.

As science becomes a weapon of destruction and hospitals become crime scenes, no wonder these doctors and other professionals are calling for arrests, prosecutions, military tribunals, and divine justice for the perpetrators of these stark new crimes against ever-oblivious humanity

Who will try these crimes? Who will punish them? At the cliff's edge, we find there is nothing, no leadership, no institution, no law.

The subverters pulled it off, the boring from within, that very long march through the institutions. 

Of course, they needed help along the way, and they got it, wittingly or unwittingly. This leads me to begin considering the net effects of certain conservatives, beginning with William F. Buckley Jr. and David Horowitz.

Did they help or hurt our abilities to uncover and neutralize domestic communist subversion? 

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