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Aug 28

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, August 28, 2008 6:49 AM 

As we await Obama and his Speech to advance his Campaign, ponder these stories about actions of the Campaign to repress Speech about Obama.

1. Attempting to shut down the Obama-Ayers commerical

2. Attempting to smear a reporter (Stanley Kurtz) researching the Obama-Ayers relationship. Hair-raising eyewitness account from Guy Benson, who, among other things, points out:

In a matter of hours, a major national campaign had called on its legions to bully a radio show out of airing an interview with a legitimate scholar asking legitimate political questions. Coupled with the Obama campaign's recent attempts to sic the DOJ on the creators of a truthful political advertisement —which also happened to feature Obama's relationship with an unrepentant terrorist— last night's call to action represents an emerging pattern. Any criticism of Obama's unknown past is to be immediately denounced as a "smear," and the messenger is to be shut down at all costs.

Then there's this one:

3. "Iraqi billionaire threatens reporters investigating Rezko affair." 

While this story presents another disturbing pattern of pressure being brought to bear on the media as they research or present stories that could  taint Obama, the pressure this time isn't coming from the Obama campaign, but from the "Iraqi billionaire" of the headline--Nadhmi Auchi. Still, the  Obama tangent is present and the collective chilling effect described is, well, chilling.


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