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Oct 16

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, October 16, 2021 8:32 AM 

The National File reports:

Virginia Tech To Limit Football Attendance After Viral ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Chant, Calls Students ‘Selfish, Inappropriate, And Embarrassing’

Notice the stolen presidential election isn't selfish, inappropriate or embarrassing; only the reaction to its demented, corrupt, perverted figurehead.

No matter what Tech's nomenklatura flunkies do to try to stifle patriotism and liberty in their most visceral manifestations, Virginia Tech will be forevermore the esteemed home of "F--k Biden!" -- the new if degraded (what isn't?) free speech of patriots.

Not that "F--- Joe Biden" is even Virginia Tech's greatest gift to the country. Via the MSM, "F--- Joe Biden" has undergone an unexpected but glorious apotheosis. After an Nascar race won by Brandon Brown, a crowd clearly chanting "FJB!" was reinterpreted in an act of spontaneous disinformation by NBC as "Let's Go Brandon!"

Viral upon viral, the hilarity of this moment rings a high note in this darkest year. 

Thus, in admiration of what Virginia Tech fans hath wrought, in awe of what Americans have exhuberantly and instantly capitalized on, and in protest of Virginia Tech administration's Stalinism, I just bought two "Let's Go Brandon!" flags, Made in USA, here.


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