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Oct 19

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 3:48 AM 

"Let's Go Brandon" continues to sweep the country, and, boy, do "the authorities" hate it. I can't decide whether they've identified the slogan as the threat that it is and realize they must squelch it any cost, or in trying to squelch it they have imbued it with spirit-lifting powers of renewal. Probably both.

In either case, something is going on when the esteemed Dr. Robert Malone, MD, concludes remarks on medical freedom at an anti-forced injection rally in Hawaii with "Let's Go Brandon," and the crowd  cheers. The words have entered folklore as the real-life form of Ayn Rand's unforgettable "Who is John Galt?" from Atlas Shrugs. It's now a battle cry.

As such, little wonder fear of the phrase has gone international, with scoldings out of Canada and China (the "and" denoting separation may be redundant).

Conservative Treehouse reports:

PM Trudeau and Canadian Government Ban Phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” From Any Government Correspondence

I would not have expected Canadian bureacrats to join the fun, but there you have it.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

TikTok Threatens to Censor ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song For “Harassment and Bullying”

Track soars up Apple charts

Harassment and bullying of ... the pretend-POTUS. (Since when? Since the tyranny...).

There are already 1.5 million views on the Youtube version (below). Watch while you can.


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