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Nov 6

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, November 06, 2021 3:29 AM 

I have posted a new Patreon discussion here. It's called "Under the Vaxxboot: OSHA-gate," and is all about the so-called vaccine mandate -- the most remarkable weapon of revolutionary intent ever devised.

Think about it. The vaxx mandate triggers instant purges of military, police, medical and other institutions; it divides communities, families; it creates scapegoats out of the un-vaxxed; it sets up privileged classe of the vaxxed; it breaks down social life and attacks civic safety, which will lead, I fear, to a kind of chaos that will become the excuse for an even more repressive military, or military-style rule.

Most of all, first of all, the vaccine coercion campaign turned federal mandate are mechanisms of human destruction on a scale to be greatly feared, and which Dr. Peter McCullough calls a biological catastrophe. Millions of people will be cast into unemployment and poverty, and millions? more will spend their lives trapped inside a medical nightmare.

To what end? End is right. The endgoal of the monsters who have seized charge is a transhuman future, AI-peopled with digitially id'd and barcoded bug-eating slaves to the foie-gras-jet-fuelled-Davos-elite.  


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