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Nov 13

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, November 13, 2021 4:21 AM 

Genie Lamp Productions is the name of a talented graphic artist creating a continuous stream of imaginative fliers providing children and teenagers with hidden information about the dangerous risks to their lives that comes of submitting to the C19 injection agendas currently being executed by schools, governments and far too many parents. The statistics are drawn from US and UK government databases, which are ignored by Big-Pharma-corrupted news media in both countries.

These works of political art appear at Genie Lamp's Telegram account, from which they may be downloaded, printed and disseminated.

The variety and ingenuity of the imagery are quite powerful.


Given ever-mounting numbers of injuries and deaths afflicting victims of the experimental injections, these posters become outdated every week in terms of the scale of suffering being inflicted by our governments waging biological warfare on Us, the Peoples. A recent message from Genie Lamp made note of this, promising updated figures on the earlier entries in the series.

On November 11, Genie Lamp Productions wrote:

As mentioned above, these older flyers have all now been updated with the most recent data on adverse reactions, so they can be re-posted 🙏More to follow.  A PDF containing all the updated flyers, including those yet to be re-edited, will be available soon, for anyone who may wish to re-print & distribute as flyers/posters. Thank you

In completing this task, however, Genie Lamp Productions discovered that the UK government is deleting huge numbers of injuries and deaths in its own databanks:

It must be noted that since the original data was used on 11/8/21 [August 11, 2021] from official sources, there has been a dramatic DECREASE  in many of the figures, as much as by tens of thousands for some adverse reactions. ... And it appears now that as in the USA, vast numbers of official figures showing adverse reactions are being deleted from records. A whistle blower has gone on record in the US stating that thousands of Covid-19 injection deaths in the US  have been concealed and that numbers reported are understated by a factor of 5.

GLP's next Telegram entry features this flier (above), which includes UK government figures from August 20, 2021.

GLP writes:

here is just one example of how the official figures have been deleted. This poster was created using official figures dated 20/08/21- the figures at for a report dated 01/11/21 shows the following DECREASED figures for these reactions:

                                                    NERVOUS SYSTEM DISORDERS

Total reactions: 248,716

Total fatalities: 259                                                                                                    

Central nervous system haemorrhages and cerebrovascular accidents

Total reactions: 2,716

Total fatalities: 192                                                                                            

Central nervous system aneurysms and dissections

Total reactions: 11

Total fatalities: 2                                                                                                

Acute polyneuropathies                                              

Total reactions 15                                                  

total fatalities 0

Readers may go down the line to compare the differences between the August and November figures. In all nervous system categories, however, C19 injections were in August linked to nervous system disorders afflicting 408,205 British citizens, leading to what must have been an excruciating death for 436 people. 

What has the British government done about that? Obviously, it hasn't pulled the dangerous products from public use. Like its US and other counterparts, it has kept right on injecting its people, now including children, ages five to 11.

Further -- and this is what GLP discovered -- by November the UK government decided to memory-hole 159,489 of its nervous-system-afflicted citizens, including 177 people who died of injection-linked nervous system disorders. Then, it decided to cover up additional injuries and deaths occurring in the months of September, October and November. Pain, misery, paralysis, loss, humanity -- all of it gone with a keystroke. The transhumanist project has to move forward uber alles.

Historians and philosophers seeking to understand Hitler's "Final Solution" long sought written evidence of the diabolicals agenda. Others (fewer) sought such proofs of intent in communist history, where the devils in charge were careful to deprive posterity of photographic proof, for example, of their own slave camps and other crimes against humanity. Fewer still seek evidence of similar crimes committed by the democracies  greatest heroes. (Such Western crimes against humanity are grappled with in American Betrayal.) 

Who will investigate today's transhumanist totalitarians in democratic clothing? The evidence against them is all around us. In this single discovery by Genie Lamp Productions -- not, of course, by a journalist (they've got almost all of them on the take) -- we clearly see the clumsy sleight of hand that becomes proof of guilty knowledge: The UK government (among the others) knows full well the intolerable risks to human health posed by these gene-editing injections they are forcing on the peoples of the world.

By their keystrokes we shall know them. There is a mundane aspect to the imagined bureacrat at the computer. erasing "other losses." History and philosophy tell us, though, that when evil metasticizes inside bureacracies it always has a grey cover.

The gallows are waiting.


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