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Nov 13

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, November 13, 2021 9:37 AM 

Joining Robert Kennedy Jr. in Milan this week, Catherin Austin Fitts concisely makes the financial coup d'etat behind the health tyranny crystal clear (even for financial dummies like me).

I have transcribed what she said:  

In August of 2019, the global central bankers met in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and voted on a plan called the Going Direct Reset.

The Going Direct Reset was prepared by a group of retired cental bankers under the auspices of the Black Rock Investment Institute.

It planned an unprecedented injection of financial resources into selected parts of the economy permitting a radical centralization of economic control.

It was a bank robbery (laughs).

It followed the adoption of Federal Accounting Advsiory Board Statement 56.

[Statement] 56 was a policy adopted in 2018 whereby the House and the Senate, the White House and te entire legislature agreed that the United State could keep secret books in defiance of the Constitution and all of the financial management laws and regulations.

After this --- it's not a law. It's an administrative policy whereby the US declared it would keep secret financial books. It was the culmination of what I call the financial coup d'etat. Between 1998 and 2015, the US had $21 trillion of undocumentable adjustments -- the same amount as their outstanding Treasury debt.


Debt goes up, money disappears.

This required a reset because the US had made many retirement and healthcare promises that could now not be met. After the central bankers agreed to the Going Direct Reset in 2019, the Federal Reserve went in to the repo markets -- the financial markets -- and Going Direct Reset began, injecting an unprecedented amount of money directly into the economy. The full impact was not felt until the Covid 19 government actions shut down whole parts of the small-business-economy, thus allowing this injection of money to create unprecedented central wealth -- to create new central wealth -- the top 1 percent.

This is not the first time in history that plague laws have been used to centralize control -- control of transportation, control of labor, and control of banking. But this is the first time that we have used plague laws to centralize control where we have the potential to create a completely digital financial system. When you implement an all-digitial financial system controlled by the central banks you end democracy.

For many years we in the western democracies have experienced a balance of power between the bankers and the people. The bankers control monetary policy, and the people vote for their representatives who control fiscal policy. Now the central bankers are moving to take over the Treasury, and you''ll be seeing around the world central bankers running countries.

This time it's different because digital technology [allows] the bankers to enforce not only taxation without representation.  The green passport, the vaccine passports, in combination with other changes in the financial system, ends currency for the general population. It is the end of currency. It is a financial control grid. So, the central bankers can turn off your money. If they say you can go only 5 km from your home, your money won't work more than 5 km from your home. ... In the United States there is a new nomination for the senior banking regulator. She has just published a paper suggesting the Federal Reserve should be able, if inflation is strong, to shut down your bank account.

So, what we're talking about now is the difference between freedom and slavery.

Whenever the people at the top want to centralize control they use divide-and-conquer tactics. So, men against women. Black against white. But now we have a new ... divide and conquer: vaccinated vs unvaccinated. And what we all need to realize is if this system goes into effect, we will all be stripped of our assests, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

As Robert Kennedy has told us many times, this is an international model, so we must organize and work together to prevent it, because this is between freedom and slavery, and whether we are going to be part of a human civilzation or not.

When I used to work as a government official, other politicians would say, How can we change this, how can we turn this around? And I used to say, You have to grow the children up one at a time to be excellent people. And they would say, That's too hard, it takes too long, The one person I've seen in American life leading to fight for excellent children one at a time is Robert Kennedy and Children's Health Defense.

I don't think we need a financial control grid. I think we need to fight for our children, that they're strong and they're healthy.


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