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Nov 25

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, November 25, 2021 6:18 AM 

Vermont is being framed as "covid" case central -- but, hark: flu takes a holiday. Take a look at the map (above) I have copied from the Vermont state health department.  

No, your eyes do not deceive you. There have been zero "outbreaks" of the flu in Vermont, not only in this most recent reporting period, but going back to the beginning of flu season on October 3! (See box.)

No Flu at All -- but We Got Plenty o' Covid (cases):

OK, people. This is not a proposition by Wittgenstein. All we need is an old, garden-variety thinking cap to process the following: There are no reports of flu in Vermont this flu season; however, according to testing (PCR tests) proven to be unreliable and therefore pointless, there have occurred hundreds of positive "covid" cases. 

Q: Where did the flu go? A: It disappeared into black holes of mass hysteria. 

Speaking of hospitals ... bad enough if mass hysteria were all we had to contend with. There is mass hysteria (continually agitated by the propaganda centers), but there is also the callousness to suffering and cruelty which go hand and hand with the hyped craziness. 


What could be worse?

A chilling report came out of Europe this week claiming that carbon specialist Prof. Andreas Noack was murdered after posting a compelling video analysis of the nano-razor-blade effect that the graphene oxide and hydroxide in the C19 vaccine has inside the human body. Watch here and here. A lockdown critic, Andreas Noack was raided one year ago at home by police, who broke in and shut down his live stream.

I am seeking more information about his violent death and will report on any updates.

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