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Dec 10

Written by: Diana West
Friday, December 10, 2021 5:35 AM 

"I didn't know" is the motto of killer cogs, cretins and empty souls everywhere. It is complicity's excuse, a tattered veil to be tugged over guilty knowledge. It is worse even than "I was just following orders," because it comes out from under the closed eyes of the smug and safely sidelined. 

But know this: The beautiful family in the photo (above) is dead, killed by the hand of the father, perhaps the mother, too, in a horrific vortex of violence, but surely murdered by the Nazi-like medical tyranny the German state is wielding against people with its iron fist of death.

We know this is true. We know this because the father left behind a suicide note -- Bild reports it was hand-written and several pages long -- and because the chief public prosecutor in the case, Gernot Bantleon, told the public about the motives described in the suicide note.

This was a momentous decision by the prosecutor.

Based on the father's note and corroborating evidence developed since, the last act of this family tragedy began when the father, known in German media as Devid R., 40, gave his wife, Linda, also 40, forged C19 injection papers to meet a government-mandated November 24 "vaccination" deadline. It is unclear whether she presented her "papers" to the government health ministry in Brandenberg, or to her employer, Technical University in Wildau.

In any case, the university discovered or was informed of the forgery in Linda's file, and was pursuing disciplinary action. Bantleon put it this way to Bild: “In it [the suicide note], he literally writes that the university wanted to pursue the vaccination passport forgery 'with the utmost rigor.' ” (Note: this quotation may have been scrubbed from Bild; it appears in a UK Sun story that links to a Bild story that does not include the quotation.) 

Given their fears of arrest, prosecution, imprisonment and the loss of their three daughters to state custody (Janni, 10, Leni, 8, and Rubi, 4), it's not hard to imagine the desperation and terror that must have taken hold of the parents. 

"The father expressed the fear that the children would not only be admitted to a home but also threatened with `re-education and forced vaccination,' ” RBB reported, as quoted in Berlin Kurier.

Murder and suicide followed, discovered on the morning of Saturday, December 4, by a neighbor. The lone survivor to emerge from the home, one paper reported, was the family's small dog, who was taken to an animal shelter.

I mentioned earlier that the prosecutor's decision to release the motive for the murder-suicide to the public was momentous. Doubtless, his decision is still being cursed at the highest reaches of the German government and on up to Davos. Without a motive, the case would be a terrible family tragedy only. With a motive, it's a bloody, shrieking, eternal indictment of the covid tyranny in Germany and elsewhere.

This blue box now appears at the top of the homepage of the university whose investigation precipitated the carnage. 

I turn now to another death that is being treated as a suicide -- an "unexpected death," anyway.  You might say it took place on the opposite end of the covid tyranny. That is, if Devid and Linda R. were on the receiving end of the needle, Dr. Thomas Jendges was squeezing the syringe, perhaps literally. Dr. Jendges was the managing director of the Chemnitz Clinic, the largest hospital in eastern Germany, a major dispensary center of C19 "vaccines," aka, the kill shot. Reports indicate Dr Jendges was himself "vaccinated" in December 2020, and that he was on the record as enthusiastic about the clinic's C19 injection program as recently as August 2021.

On the morning of November 2, however, Dr. Jendges fell from the clinic (above) to the Flemmingstrasse below where he died of his injuries. He was 55 and left behind a wife and a 14-year-old son.

I don't know much more about Dr. Jendges or his family. Information is sparse, especially given the outsized role health care executives play in our tragi-farcical Corona era. A review of media reports and the Chemnitz mayor's website tells me no one in the public domain seems much to care what happened to him -- how and why the director of a large C19 injection/treatment hub in Germany, an important country where dictatorial mandates and lockdowns are rife and mass "vaccination" is the NWO's leading edge, fell "unexpectedly" to his death --  not even to establish whether what befell Dr. Jendges was an accident, suicide, or even murder.  

Numerous unsourced reports (example), however, offer a dramatic counter-plot, claiming that Dr. Jendges had written a lengthy suicide note for publication detailing his opposition to the C19 injection program "genocide." This version of the story (again, unsourced) also claims that Dr. Jendges was threatened with the loss of his job by the Chemitz mayor, Sven Schulze, and ended his life in protest and despair. 

Numerous "fact-checks" followed these stories, but it's worth noting that neither they nor any other follow-up story have established what actually happened to Dr. Jendges that might have led to his fatal fall. All we are told is that was no suicide note. Reuters' "reporting" is typical: "Spokespersons for Chemnitz city and the local police force said they were not aware of any note left by Jendges."

That's not exactly definitive. A statement from Mrs. Jendges, or the late doctor's friends or colleagues, would be rather more valuable as a window onto Dr. Jendges' soul, not to mention his movements in his final hours. There is nothing in the media from any such sources. There is no mention I can find of any police activity, either.

Lord Mayor of Chemnitz Sven Schulze provided one intriguing detail. In his first statement on Dr. Jendges' death posted on the city website, the mayor revealed that he and Dr. Jendges had engaged in a "long talk about the difficult Corona situation" on the evening before Dr. Jendges' fall to his death.

That's interesting. What exactly did they talk about? Did their "long talk" veer into argument? Did the the mayor threaten to fire Dr. Jendges, as some early reports suggested? What was the nature of Dr. Jendges' mood? Suicide note aside -- and maybe that's a red herring for us all to tear to pieces -- did Dr. Jendges, hours after his final (?) conversation with the mayor, fall "accidentally" to the street, hurl himself to his death, or was he pushed? 

It's been nearly six weeks and nobody seems to be asking these questions.

That way, of course, they will all get to say: "I didn't know." 


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