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Dec 27

Written by: Diana West
Monday, December 27, 2021 6:39 AM 

For months, I've been following the fascinating, terrifying work of La Quinta Columna, a group of crack researchers and scientists from the Hispanosphere who have been investigating the nano-technological components of "the vaccine." This is possible thanks to the English translations of Orwell City.

If we can just pull back from brain-deadening arguments over whether these killer shots are "safe and effective" (no), or whether Fauci committed perjury (who cares, Rand?), or whether Trump is too old to use the Internet (come on, Candace), or whether "Sars Cov 2" -- so far a mythological creature -- came from a lab in China (the actual bioweapon, the vaxx, came from here!), we might be able to concentrate on the much more significant threat of the US-developed nano-tech components in the shots. (Remember convicted Harvard nano-scientist Charles Lieber?)

La Quinta Columna argues, and quite convincingly, I think, that these components are parts of microscopically small, injectable "operating systems" (see Moderna brag about "our operating system" here). Key to these nano operating systems is the metallic material graphene, observed by other researchers and confirmed by LQC to be present in the drops of the covid "vaccines" that they have looked at under the microscope.

Whatever graphene is doing there, it has no business being there. It is viciously sharp, like "nano-razor blades," said the late Andreas Noack in his final video posted hours before he died a painful and unexplained death, and it attacks the human body, including the heart, which would seem to be connected to now commonplace cases of "sudden" heart failure in hundreds of athletes, among many thousands of other victims. Graphene is also far more electrically conductive than copper, and, according to the scientific literature amassed by La Quinta Columna in its studies, it can conduct electrical impulses inside living creatures. 

First, of course, it has to get inside the living creatures. It's one thing to experiment on a mouse, but how to experiment on a human? Enter the "covid" "vaccine," brimming with graphene among other corona-virus-extraneous nano-particles, plus mystery "self-aware" creatures. Why would the powerful elites of the world coordinate the mass deployment of such an exotically dangerous and highly conductive material? Why would they secretly add it to "vaccines," and then fire it into much of the world's population under cover of deliberately manufactured "pandemic" hysteria in an openly militarized operation?

Where Catherine Austin Fitts and others focus on  "the vaccine" as the gateway to "vaccine passports" and the end of human liberty in a global tyranny run by those who control digital currency and I.D., La Quinta Columna focuses on the workings of these graphene-based "self-assembling" nano-systems, and the possible eradication of humanity itself. It is their belief that these injected operating systems are designed to be powered by what we regard more or less harmlessly as cell phone technology, including 4G, 4G-plus and 5G, to depopulate the world of human beings and replace them with  transhumans.

It is an overwhelmingly grand theory -- but then again, everything we have been undergoing and witnessing is on a similarly gargantuan scale. Something really big must explain the something really big we have all been caught up in. How can we not consider whether the global injection program, built on and driven forward on nothing but lies and propaganda and coercion, is a long-planned war against everything it means to be human? How can we not suspect this is a covert operation to force controllable machinery into man, thus destroying free man?

Listen to La Quinta Columna.

NB: I can't overstate the importance of The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg, as a way into understanding the history of electrical science that has led to our science-non-fiction nightmare.  


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