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Jan 6

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, January 06, 2022 9:36 AM 

The best way to introduce the covid shot's role in advancing the AI transhumanist agenda is to urge everyone reading this blog to study the work of La Quinta Columna, a group of a Spanish-speaking researchers, whose investigations are thankfully translated into English at Orwell City.

See here for an overview of their recent thinking. See above for a look at what biostatistician Ricardo Delgardo has photographed, he claims here, in a drop of covid shot.

Excuse me, but is that a nano-sized motherboard?

Delgado, it should be noted, is begging to be called to testify somewhere, anywhere, about the nano-sized evidence of microtechnology he is observing and recording inside a drop of covid shot.

Here's another component he's seen:

I would be most interested in hearing what the "good" doctors have to say about this after dusting off their microscopes and taking a look for themselves. Surely, time is of the essence because if La Quinta Columna is right, we are victims at the biggest crime against humanity, and the last. 

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