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Sep 2

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, September 02, 2008 7:20 AM 

From the mailbag:

Your  article  a few days ago is right on. Our Marine son got back from Iraq duty a few months ago and when I asked him about his interaction with the Iraq people and what they thought of us, he said, "They want us out of there" and they do.  We want to throw a shoe at the TV everytime we hear Bush/McCain/anyone talk about the democracy in Iraq. They are still in denial and ignorance on this issue. Iraq will not be the second (if Turkey is still the first) Islamic secular state as sharia law will control so no separation of church and state, and never any democracy.

I will leave you with this thought that dominates our local discussion among folks who know the issues:  Whoever gets the political ring on Iraq the quicker will win in November. Here is the McCain problem: whether you were for or against going in, the war was mismanaged for 3 years and we salvaged the end. But here is the Big Rub. After we get out in 2011--which we have just agreed to do--we will have been there 2003-2011......spent untold billions (zillions?)......lots of dead soldiers......and leave with no democracy, no foothold in the middle east, and not even a damn base, probably only the big new embassy they just built, and the Iraq govt has about 79 billion in the New York banks.

Mr. Wolfowitz promised the oil revenue would pay for lots of cost [but] we have been paid zero.  Just think, not even a base there to show for it.  So when McCain says we will stay to have a presence there....No, John, we have agree to leave in 2011.  The Shiite majority in Iraq will not lose face with the Islamic world to let us stay and will not counter the Iran Shiite rulers to let that happen.

Anyway, we love your insights and well documented articles. If only the govt folks would read and understand.......


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