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Jan 12

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 6:55 AM 

Thank you, Art Moore of World Net Daily, for reporting on the tag-team treachery of Fauci and Walensky after a US Senator finally, if inadequately, confronted them both with the VAERS covid "vaccine" body count in "Fauci, Walensky dodge when asked about number of vaccine deaths."

Before I discuss the substance of Moore's story, I'd like to point out why it is likely to remain a news media exclusive forever: The lethality of the covid "vaccine" is the last thing media and political and money elites want us "useless eaters" to understand. The mantra they have pressed on us is "safe and effective," which I think of as the new "Sieg Heil." We're supposed to repeat after them, while sucking on the same old puff-blah, "Fauci, Walensky testify while omicron prompts many possible changes" (Associated Press); or the same old melodrama, "Criticized by Senators, U.S. Health Officials Defend Omicron Response" (NYT); or, worst of all, the "battle" of Fauci vs. Paul, those fake gladiators in the arena fighting over nothing. (I'll get back to that.) Among others, CNBC pushed the latter ("Fauci says Sen. Rand Paul’s false accusations ‘kindles the crazies’ and have incited death threats"), as did Fox, only the other way around ("Rand Paul rips Fauci following latest hearing fireworks: He doesn't want debate because he 'is science').

Whatever Fauci and Rand Paul lob at each other in these recurring "showdowns," their dispute over virus research in Wuhan has nothing, zip, nada, to do with the agony of our nation. We are not dying over the origins of a virus which may not exist, or even over the virus itself (plus "variants") with its 99+ percent survival rate, and whose average age of death approximates the average age of death.

We are dying from the tyrannical "cure": each and every act of oppression imposed on us by our very own governments and institutions, all in the name of a fake plague called "covid." From "flattening the curve (15 days), to "lockdowns" forever, to "social distancing" and other totalitarian measures including incessant "testing" (with a fake test), we find ourselves not on the road to something they mockingly call "public health," but rather to a state of perpetual fear, vaxx apartheid, "green passes," concentration camps (happening), digital currency (to come), a vaxx-caused die-off and overall sickening of the world's peoples, and, I am increasingly persuaded, the goal of ending the human species itself in gene-engineered and nano-wired "transhumanism."

There is a simple switch to shut down the dystopian juggernaut. If we were to stop "testing" healthy people by the million (or if healthy people were to refuse to be tested by the million) the Xi to Gates Foundation to WEF to WHO to CDC to Johns Hopkins "dashboards" would stop generating the false-positive-"cases" that drive the closures, the stoppages, the firings, the breakdowns, the hysteria, rage and more testing. Without the fake statistical drivers that fuel this "pandemic," this "pandemic" stops.  

So, theoretically, does demand for, or submission to the covid shot of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca, Comiraty, all of them. These are the real bioweapons, not a virus, which, by their own terms, poses a negligible threat to most people. Whatever did or did not come out of Wuhan's labs is not the key (unless Br. Bugnolo is correct and the killer-"vaccine" was developed there); the key is what came out of Big Pharma's DARPA-funded labs here in the Western world. It is this "vaccine" -- experimental genetic therapy plus equally horrifying nano-circuitry and more -- that poses the public health risk, and, incredibly, it is being forced upon people regardless of the fact that it is "secretly" (read: not reported by news media or acknowledged by officials) killing tens of thousands of people -- more likely, due to gross undercounting, hundreds of thousands of people -- and grievously injuring hundreds of thousands more. Forcing men, women and children to risk death and disability (and genetic alteration and micro-wiring for an "internet of people" or some such) is not only a violation of every imaginable right of sovereign beings under eternal law, natural law, the Magna Carta, the Constitution, the Nuremberg Code, you name it, but the governmental power driving it tells us we have entered a new and terrifying age in which to be a citizen is to be a slave in the eyes of something else that is new, or, at least, newly in the open: superfically separate governments acting in lockstep as one -- global government -- to radically alter or "reset" every aspect of what it means to be human.  

Naturally, then, the body count must mount in silence -- or be lost in the static of Fauci v. Paul, or Wuhan, Wuhan, or whatever distraction du jour comes next. Once you learn how to unplug their censorship and hear what is really happening, there isn't enough noise in the world to drown out the screams. 

It's all there, on the internet, which they still don't really control, not by a longshot. Even a tiny sample from recent days  is enough to collapse their narrative of "safe and effective." Watch the video 14 year old Jessica Sara Blattner made five days before she died of the Pfizer shot; the interview Stew Peters did with 47-year-old Jeff Jackson whose own skin became a torture chamber (he can't stand to wear clothes) after his second Moderna shot;  the story of 23-year-old Casey Hodgkinson and how the covid shot led to her neurological incapacitation, her employer's indifference, and belittlement by hospital staff. "Why?" Casey asks her demonic prime minister, turning to the camera. "Why?" 

There are no answers, not from those in power -- or, like Trump & Biden & Ardern & Johnson & Co. there is obfuscation and lies. Maybe worst of all, there are no questions. With few exceptions, no one in power or with power is pressing these monsters on the toll of the shots, and the silence is, yes, deafening.

Which takes me back to the Fauci-Walensky-Senate circus that Art Moore wrote about. Shockingly, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) broke the silence -- the globalist omerta -- by dragging the suffering carcass of neglected reality into a US Senate hearing room. He actually asked Health Capos Fauci and Walensky whether it was true as VAERS reported that "thousands" of people were dying following injection by the covid vaccines.

His questioning was inadequate, his preparation woeful, his failure to pin down the nonsensical deception he heard in reply was a crushing letdown. But at least he asked. 

SEN. TUBERVILLE: The VAERS reported that the number of people dying after or following the covid vaccine is actually in the thousands.

Now this is what I'm hearing. I'll give you a chance to refute that or confirm it here. You know, is this true? Are we having that many peple die after taking one of these vaccines?

CDC DIRECTOR WALENSKY: Sen Tuberville, thank you for that question. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is a mandatory system of any adverse event that happens after being vaccinated, so if you get hit by a car, tragically, after getting vaccinated that gets reported in the VAERS system. So, the vaccines are incredibly safe, they protect us against omicron, they protect us against delta, they protect us against covid. They don't protect us against every other form of mortality out there.

To call this answer insulting is insulting to insulting. My guess is, Walensky was unprepared for this question and replied with whatever came to mind, ending, of course, with "Sieg: Safe and effective." Maybe she recalled the USA Today "fact check" of, as it happens, a previous World Net Daily story reporting that the number of VAERS adverse events for covid shots had broken one million -- an absolutely 100 percent true story. USA Today labeled it false, however, on the say-so of  Daniel Salmon, director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at Johns Hopkins University (JHU was a sponsor of Event 201, the notorious pandemic planning conference in October 2019) who said, quote: "I can get a COVID vaccine and my dog gets hit by a car – I can make that report and it will show up in the [VAERS] database," Salmon said. "It does not mean that my getting a COVID vaccine caused my dog to get hit by a car."

What is it with these people and cars? Anyway, Tuberville, in his way, is undeterred. He's gonna ask his question.

SEN. TUBERVILLE: Do we keep numbers of people that died following ... taking this vaccine? Do we have any idea -- I'm just asking. ... Is there any number count? Do we keep records on that?  

CDC DIRECTOR WALENSKY: Absolutely yes. I couldn't get you the absolute number off top of my head, but our staff could absolutely get back in touch with you. We collect those data.

Too bad Tuberville didn't take the moment to hoist last week's red box summary from Open VAERS:

Anyway, Walensky thinks she's off the hook. Tuberville just shifts his tusks towards Fauci.

SEN TUBERVILLE: Do you know Dr. Fauci? You have any clue on that?

FAUCI: [unintelligible...] I don't have a number but I think part of the confusion is that when you do a reporting, if you get vaccinated and you walk out and get hit by a car (chuckles) that is considered a death. That's the thing that gets confusing, that everything that happens after the vaccination, even if you die of something completely obviously unrelated, it's considered a death. So if I had metastic cancer, got vaccinated and died two weeks later, that's a death that gets counted. 

Like a good mafioso, Fauci has doubled down on his co-conspirator's outlandish alibi. I have read hundreds of  VAERS reports and haven't seen a single one that comes close to these cracked descriptions by the cretins in charge, from NIH to CDC to Johns Hopkins, all of them violating every oath of office and decency, including the right of us all to informed consent, to lie about those who have needlessly lost their lives to, let's say, a flu shot gone wrong.   

Here is a screenshot from a VAERS search I just pulled up of deaths following covid shots among  women, 50-59 years of age, with onset of symptoms coming within three days of the shot. 


Here is a similar set of results for men, 30-39 years of age:

Not a car in sight.

Shouting about perjury is just so much distraction when what is emerging is evidence of murder.       


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