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Jan 17

Written by: Diana West
Monday, January 17, 2022 5:37 AM 

Picked this story up at La Quinta Columna TV's Telegram account, popped it into Google Translate (maybe the censors will learn something), et voila -- a qui esta: A Spanish newspaper, Noticiero Universal, reports that a French court has agreed with an insurance company that death after experimental vaccination is "suicide."  

Is it possible? Seems too rational to be true, but here's the headline: "La justicia francesa exime a una compañía de seguros de cubrir la muerte de un vacunado por considerar un suicidio que se inyectara un producto experimental"

Google translate is a bit clunky, but the gist is clear:

French justice exempts an insurance company from covering the death of a vaccinated person for considering suicide who injected an experimental product.

Follow the money, but in this case it leads not to a corrupt den of killers 'n' cash but to a ruling of bottom-line-logic. Taking an experimental shot of gene-altering nano-wiring is, yes, suicidal.

Here's the rest of the translation.

A French citizen dies two weeks after receiving the vaccines, but the life insurance does not cover his death, arguing that he volunteered to inject himself with an experimental product that had not been properly tested.

The court in charge of the case has accepted the objections of the insurer considering, "in law, that adherence to the experiment of phase three, in which the proven innocuousness is non-existent", makes the death of the French citizen to be considered a "fatality". voluntary”, that is, risk not covered by the contract and legally admitted as suicide.

The family appealed this decision, but the insurer's defense was admitted as "founded and contractually fair", considering that "this known and public taking of mortal risk is legally like suicide", since the client had sufficient information and , however, "has voluntarily accepted to run the risk of dying without being forced to do so."

Consequently, death after vaccination is considered suicide by the French courts, which sets a disturbing precedent. For their part, the insurers will not repay the loans either because the lethal risk of the vaccine makes the contract null and void.

“This judicial decision came after the filing of a lawsuit (Recourse to Law 210/92) to obtain compensation, damages and interest after a death by vaccination, confirmed by autopsy. The request was not accepted because vaccination is not mandatory”, explains a source familiar with the case.

“Hence the race to impose the health pass on us, because the governments have signed leonine secret contracts with the laboratories, in which they have demanded that they not be held responsible in the event of adverse effects. These governments have therefore blackmailed the populations to avoid being responsible themselves”, he adds.

Of course, a few details more would be helpful -- the insurance company, the court, stuff like that. If/when they show up, I'll update. 

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