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Jan 23

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, January 23, 2022 6:16 AM 

Good news first: "Julian Assange wins ruling in his battle against extradition to US" here. 

(I picked AOL's "Assange wins" story because other headlines seemed way too extra-deferential to state power: "Assange Allowed to Appeal" CNN, NYDN, Yahoo; "Court Allows Assange" MSN; "Assange Has Been Granted Appeal," ABC, etc.)  

Protestors gathered in vaxx-mandated DC under the banner of "Defeat the Mandate."

From Children's Health Defense pre-event story: 

According to “Defeat the Mandates” organizers, the goal of the march is to peacefully protest vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, COVID vaccines for children and censorship. 

Participants will march in support of informed consent, natural immunity and the doctor-patient relationship that should exist independent of government interference. 

Additionally, rally supporters will stress the need for greater government transparency regarding published peer-reviewed COVID research that continues to be suppressed.

How reasonable is that? Too reasonable, I'm thinking...and I will have some comments on Sen Johnson's "covid 19" panel in the Senate but DO NOT MISS Del Bigtree's fabulous rocket of a speech here. 


Celia Farber on the 5G nightmare here.

Brian Shilhavy considers whether Djokovic Agonistes might have been about promoting his own covid biotech company here

Clare Wills Harrison on how it was that the UK government ordered two years’ worth of midazolam in March 2020. They already had a year’s supply but they ordered two years’ supply in addition to that.  And, in October 2020 there was no midazolam left ... here. 

WND's Art Moore reports here on the Supreme Sovietization of the Virginia state Senate where "State Democrats block ivermectin treatments, kill public comment/ Lawmakers order police to remove proponents of suppressed COVID drugs"

The latest from the indispensably mind-expanding Orwell City: A nano-transistor that enters cells like viruses. 

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