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Feb 6

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, February 06, 2022 6:48 AM 

Here's the 34-page-paper at ResearchGate, including 215 endnotes.


It is imperative that worldwide administration of the mRNA vaccinations be stopped immediately until further studies are conducted to determine the extent of the potential pathological consequences outlined in this paper. It is not possible for these vaccinations to be considered part of a public health campaign without a detailed analysis of the human impact of the potential collateral damage. It is also imperative that VAERS and other monitoring system be optimized to detect signals related to the health consequencesof mRNA vaccination we have outlined. We believe the upgraded VAERS monitoring system described inthe Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. study, but unfortunately not supported by the CDC, would be avaluable start in this regard [208]. In the end, we are not exaggerating to say that billions of lives are at stake. We call on the public health institutions to demonstrate, with evidence, why the issues discussed in this paper are not relevant to public health, or to acknowledge that they are and to act accordingly. Until our public health institutions do what is right in this regard, we encourage all individuals to make their own health care decisions with this information as a contributing factor in those decision 

Author Contributions: S.S., G.N and A.K. all contributed substantially to the writing of the originaldraft. P.M. participated in the process of editorial revision.

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