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Feb 6

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, February 06, 2022 12:10 PM 

It's easy to imagine the ecstasy of the media when the Joe Rogan podcasts with "the n-word" were first located, clipped and spliced into an incomprehensible compilation video of shocked-face bleeps which any audience of trained seals recognizes as no-nos!

Now, though, on the air CNN, it's all solemnity and decorum as the Acostas and the Steltzers do their funeral march commentary over the corpse of the formerly "uncensored" host -- who, not incidentally, has made a habit of eating CNN's lunch on the side. Long faces and "analysis" aside, you can still hear the echoing war-whooping and high fives that surely have been going around the set every time the camera goes off. 

They really think they got him. They barely need to bother anymore with their heavy-handed censorship ploy in the name of "covid misinformation" campaign. It's all "n-word" all the time. The vortex spins and they barely have to do anything. He's toast, and it's so easy now to burn him.

Hang in their, Rogan. You've got to. You're the last free speech hero.


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