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Feb 18

Written by: Diana West
Friday, February 18, 2022 9:03 AM 

Last month, Dr. Peter McCullough and three co-authors published a paper titled "Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes and microRNAs."

It concludes: 

It is imperative that worldwide administration of the mRNA vaccinations be stopped immediately until further studies are conducted to determine the extent of the potential pathological consequences outlined in this paper. 

Get that? "It is imperative that worldwide administration of the mRNA vaccinations be stopped immediately..."


What say Dr. Robert Malone?

Last month, Dr. Robert Malone and a co-author wrote an op-ed headlined "Just say no to Biden and Fauci’s universal vaccination nation":

No healthy person below the age of 60 should be enticed — or coerced! — to get vaccinated. This is especially true for healthy children.   

Where the McCullough statement could not be more clear and direct -- stop mRNA shots for everyone now -- the Malone statement is clearly if indirectly leaving the door wide open on clot shots for men and women over the age of 60, and for those of all ages with compromised health. 

The op-ed rhetoric may be more subdued but Dr. Malone's message is the same as when he said on The Stew Peters Show in October 2021: "Jab the elders and ones at high risk." 

The evidence, however, is in, redundantly and horrifically: These shots are a menace to people of all ages.

This is what makes Dr. Malone's an alarming message. It might not matter so much if it were not the case that he has ascended to a leadership position in the medical freedom movement. That's why I decided a couple of weeks ago to work up an analysis of Dr. Malone's statements, just to see if my funny feeling about him had a solid basis. You can judge for yourself here.

I didn't do much with the essay, and was turning to other subjects when this Gab by Dr. Pierre Kory caught my eye:

This, I thought, I gotta read.

If we cut away the passages that have coalesced into what I can only descrbe as Dr. Malone's evolving stump speech, we find him looking back with his special expertise on the Covid Era.    

Dr. Malone said:

We should not have politicized the public health response to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. 

Politicized the public health response? Is that what happened? Sure felt militarized to me. 

And Justin Trudeau should have focused on managing the actual ground truth of COVID-19 instead of following the script provided to him by the leadership of the World Economic Forum.

As if "ground truth" was ever a part of this fraudulent case-demic anyway? As if Trudeau simply made a poor choice?

The incompetence of the Party of Davos is becoming plain for all to see.

Somehow "imcompetence" is not the word I would have chosen to refer to globally synchronized seizures of political, econmic and social powers from sovereign peoples. 

But are we looking merely at tinny and ineffectual word choices? I don't think so. I think this is part of Dr. Malone's overall messaging, all of which, for whatever reason, is a drag on discovering and speaking the truth about what has befallen our world. 

He continued:

There is no Emergency. Treatment strategies for curing COVID-19 using repurposed drugs were discovered by March 2020.  Omicron is not a killer.

Then why oh why has Dr. Malone advocated the Covid clot shots ever since -- and to this day for over-60- year-olds and compromised individuals?

Regarding the genetic COVID vaccines, the science is settled.They are not working to prevent infection, replication, and spread to others, and they are not completely safe.  

They are "not completely safe"? Did I hear that right?

Yes, he repeats the sentence.

They are not completely safe, and the full nature of the risks remain unknown.  


Isn't that kind of like saying an angry rattlesnake or a spin of Russian Roulette is "not completely safe"?

Now we have Omicron. These vaccines were designed for the Original Wuhan strain, a different virus. These vaccines do not prevent Omicron infection, viral replication, or spread to others, and there are data suggesting that they make the risk of infection and disease higher

Not a whisper about the clot shots themselves making the risk of infection and disease higher.

And now onto the dangers to kids only.

These genetic vaccines can damage your children.   And many of these types of damages cannot be repaired.

So I beg you, please, get informed about the possible risks that your children may be damaged by these experimental medical products

Granted, no child, healthy or unhealthy, should be injected with this poison under any circumstances -- but what about the rest of humanity?

Personally, I don't feel safe in this doctor's hands.


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