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Feb 19

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, February 19, 2022 6:39 AM 

The brutality of the Canadian police state has been indelibly captured in this horrific image of mounted police trampling with their horses two democracy-protestors, both, I believe, women, one of whom was knocked to the ground while using a walker.


Note the very different scene in the famous image of "tank man" from the 1989 democracy protests in China. In this intensely dramatic face-off, Chinese commanders showed restraint, at least so long as the cameras were running. I shudder to think of what befell the man later. Off-camera, Chinese security forces would kill and wound thousands of democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square. However, they didn't dare run over this heroic figure on live TV, not while the "eyes of the world" were upon them.

Not so in Canada in 2022.

Is that because thirty-odd years later, the "eyes of the world" are totalitarian, too?

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