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Feb 24

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, February 24, 2022 6:01 AM 

Before trying to decode any news of contrived events, please do remember that America's  leadership was installed by powers other than the will of the American people on Election Day 2020. This has probably happened to us before, but this time we saw it happen in real time. We then saw all of officialdom, media, the major political parties, the "think tanks," the Supreme Court, deny everything,  up to and including the re-elected Vice President, who rubber-stamped the steal of our sacred vote with all of Congress as accomplices. Dozens of good patriots now languish in a Gulag in the dictatorship's capital as political prisoners as a result. 

It may seem quaint to think of it now, but it's essential to bear in mind in order to understand how "the United States government" sees a crisis on the borders of Ukraine but not a crisis on the borders of our own country. Not that any of this has anything to do with the borders of Ukraine.

The point is, "the United States government" is not a government of the United States. We do not know the names and addresses of the people who really pull the strings of the demented death's head and veep tart whose occupation of the White House is a daily ritual humiliation of the American people. That these powers are anti-American is clear. They could well be non-American also. The Biden family, after all, is a Red Chinese franchise. It hardly stretches the imagination to see Xi somewhere behind the coup that collapsed the 2020 election a million years ago. But I think it's bigger and stranger than that. We might branch out from Xi and recall the numerous trade and military agreements that make Putin his closest ally and, therefore, another beneficiary. Is this Putin and Xi against the United States? But what is the United States if the president does not represent the American people? Have we not become a land mass of the "New World Order," which is not new at all? Is this not just a puppet show? Consider the spotlight of an unusual (and possibly distracting) intensity now focusing on the masterminding of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, an NGO (for crissake) based in Switzerland. What armies does Davos deploy? Does one need armies to control the world? Armies of bankers? Armies of mind controllers? Armies of vaccine-injectors? If American interests are not protected in Washington, whose interests are?

We just watched the rise and fall of  the Canadian truckers. So many of these good patriots were inspirational, but how was it that the movement ended up advancing the dictatorship's ends? We all watched in horror as the state  was able to identify and punish political dissenters as "terrorists," and normalize state brutality, and extend martial law -- now, reportedly to be lifted, by magnanimous baby doc Trudeau. Was this all inevitable? Or were they taken over from within? Was this always the plan of agent provacateurs? Why didn't these good souls think to go out on strike, rather than turn themselves into a target for police? Oversight? Subversion? Will we ever know?   

Now, right on cue, onto Ukraine. I ask: Will "Biden" and "the West" play "the truckers" to Putin's "Trudeau"?

First of all, where were "Biden" and "the West" when Trudeau was crushing political dissent in Canada? Or Australia? Or Austria? Or New York City? See what I mean? None of the West is "Westen" at this point. But now, just as the Canadian truckers exit the stage, they all rise up to huff puff over Ukraine and launch op-eds against Putin.       

Perhaps Ukraine will turn out to be the biggest fake of all. I don't mean that bad things won't happen, but rather that it's a con, an excuse. You can tell that right off the bat that it's some kind of fake when fake news writes and talks of nothing else. In fact, I don't remember anything like this particular End of the World in Ukraine since the J6 End of the World in the US Capitol, since the End of the World in corona virus. Which isn't to say that the media are not once again the harbingers of something now, just as they were in 2021 and 2020.

It's just never what they say it is.

All of these fake or subverted or contrived events have been used as triggers of the totalitarian convergence that has sucked the life out of us. China and Russia's doing? Davos? (Really?) Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Gates and Bezos? The CIA? The answer is probably all of the above and more.

If Ukraine isn't about borders, what's it about? In the morass of headlines on the front page of todays' New York Times (all the news that fit to fake), a glimmer: "The price of oil jumped above $100 a barrel and stocks fell on news of the invasion."

Thus, Ukraine becomes another pin to pull out from under the (also fake) global economy, another "correction," another lurch in the collapse of people's lives and livelihoods, perhaps with an even darker "correction" in the loss of life. We'll see. You'd think the C19 injection die-off under way would be enough to satisfy the ghouls, but war has always been the central bankers' go-to solution for economic "security." 

Just like the man said, war is a racket, along with everything else.

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